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On the Road Teaser Makes Kristen Stewart “Look Like the Harlot She Is.”

Such silliness, seriously, because oy. That scene with her making out with a dude in a car? Riding in the front seat all topless and stuff? Well, people are going to go nuts over it. Wait, what’s that? People already are? Sigh. So predictable.

Can I tell you, though? This movie looks absolutely phenomenal. And I think that it’s going to be some pretty good publicity for Kristen, too, because sources close to the film are saying that Kristen’s got a lot of raw, previously-untapped talent that totally shines through in her performance in the On the Road role, and just by watching this teaser, I’d have to agree. It looks damn decent.

On a related note, the film was directed by the same guy who did The Motorcycle Diaries, which is one of my all-time favorite movies. And it’s a movie in which one of Hollywood’s hottest actors appears, and that would be Gael Garcia-Bernal, who is actually my second-favorite “most hot” celebrity next to Adrien Brody. And one time? I used this app on a website that’s supposed to scan your photo and tell you what celebrity you most resemble. Me? Well, apparently, I have a very masculine visage, because when my photo was scanned, the results claimed that I most closely resembled Gael Garcia-Bernal. Who is not at all female, at least from what I know:

photo of gael garcia bernal pictures photos
I dunno, guys. Maybe it’s my strong jawline. I just couldn’t tell you.

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  • Gael García-Bernal is so hot ugh he played a crossdresser on an Almodóvar film and he is one of the most beautiful women I have seen. Should be illegal to be that handsome.

  • Man, look at those damn eyes. He seems so innocent and fuckable…as if his asshole was made just for your big hard cock.

  • “Harlot????” What century are we in? 18th? 19th? Here’s a few I’m particularly fond of: Strumpet. Slattern. Tart. Fallen woman. Woman of ill fame is my number one favorite. I don’t think I will get to see that term in print about Kristen. If I were her, I would say it about myself to some interviewer and just smile and sit back and watch the world-wide hissy fits!