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Love It or Leave It: What Are You Wearing, Kim Kardashian?

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Do my eyes deceive me, Kim, or is that a wedding dress you’re wearing? You tweeted this photo last night along with the caption “late night fitting,” and regardless of whether or not it actually is a wedding dress, I’m pretty sure you know that I know that you want everyone to think it is. So what’s the deal?

Can you really not wait a few more months for all this? Everyone knows you want to be Mrs. Kanye West, and that’s great, that’s wonderful, but everyone also knows that you’re still married to poor Kris Humphries, and how do you think he feels about this? You tossed him aside after a mere 72 days, and now you’re gallivanting around with the dude you probably cheated on him with? How do you think this is going to look in court? Not too great, I’ll tell you that. Not too great at all.

All I ask is that you wait until the divorce is finalized before you make the same mistake a third time. That’s all. And please don’t try to pull a fast one by having some sort of ceremony where you wear the dress, say the vows, and do everything except sign a marriage license. Sorry, girl, but I could definitely see you doing that, and you wouldn’t be fooling anyone. We all know your game by now, and it’s getting old.

But one more thing: I know you won’t listen, but please don’t let Kanye pick out your wedding dress whenever you get married. I have a feeling he picked out this dress, and you really should stop trusting his judgement.

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