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Prince William is a Hero, Duh

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He’s a humanitarian, he quite resembles his mother (thankfully), he married a really sweet-seeming girl, and now he’s saving girls’ lives. Is there anything Prince William can’t do (besides look more like his super-hot ginger brother, Harry)? No, there’s probably not.

If you haven’t heard, Prince William heroically headed up an effort to save two girls’ lives—two girls who were in danger of drowning, and Prince William swooped in with his big old helicopter in order to help!

From USA Today:

Late Thursday night, it was two teen-age girls who got into “difficulties,” as the British put it, while swimming off the Welsh coast near William’s RAF base in Anglesey.

As The Telegraph and other British media reported, a 16-year-old and her 13-year-old sister were struggling in the water in Silver Bay when nearby surfers noticed and alerted authorities. As the surfers waved and pointed, the future king piloted his Sea King helicopter over the older girl as his crew pulled her aboard; the younger girl had made it back to shore. Neither was hurt but both were cold and shocked, and were taken to a hospital as a precaution.

William’s rescue heroics have been in the news before; last November he helped rescue a crew of Russian sailors after their ship sank in the Irish Sea.

So, uh, what did you do this week, Justin Bieber? Aside from, you know, give self-centered interviews and bash Prince William the Hero for not giving a f-ck about his hair?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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  • What did Bieber do this week? Prayed that he will grow up to be a real man someday and said “that’s dope” 100 times a day.

    I pictured the Prince William chopper rescue like it was a cheesy 80’s TV show.

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