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It Happened: The Spice Girls Reunited Last Night

Last night, as I’m sure most of you know, the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics took place. A lot of things happened during that ceremony, but nothing that was nearly as important as the glorious performance by the Spice Girls.

And look, I know the video isn’t that great, ok? I know those commentators are speaking over almost the whole entire thing and that they won’t just shut up for one minute, but this is the best I could find. Well, Gawker has a better video with less commentating, but I can’t embed it here. But I don’t want to hear it, ok? I spent the last three hours of my life sifting through shitty YouTube videos – people recorded the Spice Girls’ performance on their televisions with their phones, ok, and they can’t even stop seizing while they do it – and all I wanted to do was to find you guys a good video of this. That’s all I wanted. So please just appreciate it.

Just appreciate that there’s a video at all, I mean. You don’t have to appreciate the performance itself, because … well, this is hard for me to say. Because I thought it was magical and wonderful and everything I ever wanted, of course, but is this the same band that I rocked out to constantly from the ages of nine to eleven? This doesn’t exactly seem like that same band. Oh god, is that awful of me to say?

Seriously, guys, what did you think?

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