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Victoria Beckham Will Be A Spice Girl Again If …

A photo of the Spice Girls

Did you hear that the Spice Girls are going to be performing at the closing ceremony of the Olympics? That’s a pretty big deal, right? For the entirety of 2012, we’ve been tantalized by rumors of a Spice Girls reunion, and last month all five of the girls were photographed together for the first time in years to promote that Viva Forever musical. This whole year has led up to this one moment, this one shining moment in time when all of the Spice Girls agreed to come together to spice up our lives through song once again.

And yes, Victoria Beckham has agreed to perform as well, but under one condition: this one reunion has to be the very last time that they perform, ever.

What a spoilsport, right? This is such a bitchy move that Geri Halliwell, our beloved Ginger Spice, spoke at length about it to a “source,” who told the Daily Mail:

“After the Olympics I can’t imagine even talking to her again, let alone being on a stage with her. Mel B. was right, she has lost the spirit of the band.”

Geri told pals: “None of us can understand why she won’t take advantage of these opportunities. Now is the time to be together again as a band and she and Mel B. can’t be in the same room together.”

Speaking about meeting up at the Viva Forever press launch she added: “After the stunt she pulled at the Viva Forever press conference she said she’d never perform with us again and then with David not being chosen for the team, she didn’t even want to discuss it.”

Can someone please sit Victoria Beckham down and explain to her why this is ridiculous? The whole entire reason that she’s famous today, that she’s able to be a fashion designer and have sex with David Beckham, is because of that little black dress and those awful platforms. It’s because the entire world knows that “easy V doesn’t come for free, she’s a real lady.” It’s not because of any true talent that she may or may not have. It’s because of the Spice Girls. God.

Regardless of Victoria’s snobbery, I absolutely cannot wait to see these girls perform together again. Anybody else?

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  • I work with bands on a daily basis. Speaking from experience, here’s my 2 cents: When a band breaks, and especially a band that was so successful, a lack of finances will be the only reason they reunite. Look at Take That. And with the Spice Girls it is the same thing. They finished 2000 until a brief stunt ’07-’08 but that doesn’t count. Each one of the girls tried to do their own thing (Geri went all ana on us and performed Raining Men, Mel C was knocked up by Eddie Murphy, Mel B did quite well for herself and Baby Spice, well, anyone know about her?) – Victoria is the only one out of the bunch who instantly turned her family into a brand, later on became a fashion designer playing with the big guys, and she’s doing just fine.

    It’s also a known fact that woman can’t sing. Remember the blind item where she openly admitted it? She’s also mother to 4 kids and when she’s not managing her family she’s working on her fashion empire. Why on earth would she want to get back in the ‘little black dress and awful plattforms’ and embarrass herself for something she turned her back on 12(!!) years ago just so the other girls can make some quick money?

    I don’t care about the Spice Girls, or Victoria in particular, but I know that when a band breaks up that usually happens (and should stay that way) for a reason. I don’t think Victoria is being snobby about it as it doesn’t seem she’s gone on record about the whole thing, I do think Geri is being a money hungry bitch if she actually said those things.

    Anyway, probably the longest comment I’ve ever made here. Hope it makes sense.

    • I’m glad someone said it; and great point about the lack of money being the only reason why a group would reunite. Victoria Beckham has had other things going on since the split; these other women really haven’t. Not to that caliber. And that’s okay! But I don’t think it’s fair to paint a picture of Victoria acting like a brat when she’s just…moved on and evolved from that.

    • Excellently put. I’m a big Spice Girls fan but it’s evident when bands reunite it’s a lack of funds, especially pop bands (Steps, anyone?). I would kill to see them live, especially now I live in England, but I understand why Beckham won’t do it… She doesn’t need the money or the fame and she never looked at ease during the concerts. The Spice Girls gave her the fame but she’s worked hard and turned herself into a much bigger brand.

    • Agree times one million. She is the only one in the group to go on and make something with her 15 minutes of Spice Girl fame, hilarious considering she was the least musically talented in the group. It ridiculous she should be expected to go back, its like asking an A-list celebrity who used to do porn to go back and do one more skin flick because she owes it to them. Bad analogy but it fits. Go Victoria!

  • With their catty bossiness and envy mutterings.. I hope Victoria tells them to take off, forgets helping them again.. and goes her own way..

  • sigh i am at the point where i very seldom even read emily’s take on situations..this story is a prime take in point. Geri told pals: “None of us can understand why she won’t take advantage of these opportunities.” then emily goes on to say that she owes everything in her life to the Spice Girls and should jump when they say jump. Well to answer why she most likely does not take advantage of these opportunities, she has 4 children, including a baby, a home, a career, a husband, in other words she has a lot on her plate. When you grow up and you recognise that sometimes you have to say no for the good of your family or yourself, you will not be so quick to cast blame. And specifically if these girls treat her the way it seems they do, then why on earth would she take time away from her family to help them or subject herself to that kind of negativity, because make no mistake that (helping them) is what she would be doing. Lastly the assertation that she “owes” them, emily that is just crap..she was paid to do a job and she did it. While i would love to see them perform again also, sometimes in life you just don’t get what you want.

    • Wow. Did Emily take away you birthday? Yikes. Anyway, I agree with her (Emily), the Only reason that VB is famous is because if all things Spice. Lots of fans made her. Give a little back, VB bitch!

      • The only reason she got famous is because countless people had bad taste in music 10 years ago and fell for their marketing crap. She doesn’t owe anybody anything.

  • Both sides seem ridiculously uptight. For heavens sakes….ENJOY being a Spice Girl. Like it’s so terrible, VB. On the other hand, don’t ALWAYS try to ride on the popularity of the Spice, other Spice ladies! In any case, I’m so sorry they get to perform at the Olympics, ha ha ha. Must be awful.