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Naomi Campbell’s Extensive Damage

photo of naomi campbell pictures hair damage pic
See that picture up there, folks? That’s Naomi Campbell and her hair after years and years and years of extension-wearing and chemical processing. Holy crow.

Naomi’s forty-two years old, and I think it’s a safe bet to make in assuming that she’s pretty much done her hair in for good. As well as her reputation for not being a phone-throwing diva. There’s still that, too.

But hey, maybe she’s just gotten to the point where she doesn’t care any longer. This damage has been evident for a long time, and even if you look at photos of her from back in 2009, and even as early as 2007 and 2006, you’ll see that the problem’s only gotten worse and worse. If she’s beyond the point of worrying about it, I have to give her props, because it only makes her a stronger woman. If she is bellyaching about it, though, she’s only got one lady to blame.

A word of advice? Leave your hair alone. Seriously. I started dyeing and highlighting and stripping my hair back when I was probably sixteen or so (sorry, Mom!), and went on with it for about a decade and then one day decided to chop it all off and start afresh. I seriously haven’t touched my hair with chemicals or anything else in almost three years, and you just cannot imagine the good it’s done my hair and scalp. It’s an entirely different texture and color than it used to be, before I started over-processing it, but it’s healthy. And above all, it looks like real hair.

I guess that was a bit more than just a word, but guys, maybe if Naomi had taken this advice two decades ago, she wouldn’t be pulling her own hair out by the roots, and you can take that shit right to the bank.

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  • I did all the bleaching,colors (never a perm tho) too and i finally went back to my natural color and curliness, then i got a crapload of gray hair sucks!

  • Hey, she started with the weave stuff waaaay back when before anybody knew that if you pull the weave in too tight it will kill the hair follicles and you will wind up…well, let the picture be a cautionary tale.