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Naomi Campbell Attacks Paparazzo. Surprisingly, Cell Phone Tossing Not Involved.


Naomi Campbell was vacationing in Italy with her boyfriend and a pap got too close.  Can you predict how this ends?  If you guessed that Naomi whacked the camera guy in the head with her bag, injured his eye with her fingernail and landed him in the hospital, you’d be right.  Oddly enough, she didn’t stamp him with her trademark move:  Cellphone To The Head.

Campbell has had a long history of rifling Blackberries at her help, abusing law enforcement issues over luggage issues at the airport and committing God only knows what other, never-reported crimes against random innocents.  

Gaetano Di Giovanni, the recipient of Campbell’s nail, didn’t file a police report.  He said he temporarily couldn’t see but he could hear the supermodel’s bodyguards and boyfriend dragging her away.  I think we can expect a hush-hush out of court settlement to be forthcoming.

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