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Could Everyone Please Stop Talking About Kelly Osbourne’s Eyebrows?

A photo of Kelly Osbourne

Here’s a lesson that most of us have had to learn the hard way: if you do something stupid in front of other people, those people are allowed to make fun of you for it. There are exceptions, of course, like if you do something stupid and actually hurt yourself, everyone’s supposed to wait until you’ve either received medical attention or laughed at yourself to make fun of you, and if the making fun crosses over into bullying or generally hurtful territory, then that’s not cool anymore. But for the most part, if you say something dumb, if you trip and fall or mildly injure yourself, or if you make a stupid choice that doesn’t seriously impact anyone’s life, then it’s the right of the people to tease you for it.

Kelly Osbourne doesn’t get that. And that’s why she tweeted this tweet:

Get over the eyebrows people it was for a photo shoot! If you don’t shut up I will keep them like this just to piss you off! :)

What about Kelly’s eyebrows, you might be wondering. This about Kelly’s eyebrows:

A photo of Kelly Osbourne

Yes, she bleached her eyebrows. And it looks silly, just like it looks silly whenever (almost) anyone else bleaches their eyebrows. And also how ridiculous is it that Kelly is doing the whole “you don’t like this thing I’m doing, so if you don’t shut up about it I’m going to keep on doing it!” No one cares that much about your eyebrows, girl. It looks silly, that’s all. No one’s losing sleep over them.

This is exactly why I don’t like Kelly Osbourne. She’s just so full of nonsense.

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      • I’ve never figured out what her “talent” is. Any teenage girl or twenty-some year old woman with an interest in fashion knows as much, if not more than Ms. Osbourne. Her hideous tattoos ought to disqualify her from any judgment about fashion or “art” to begin with. Her attitude at her age leaves a lot to be desired. Can’t take criticism.

        I won’t even go into how she’s just sponging off her parent’s celebrity.

  • She is a pain in the ass and her attitude doesn’t help. If she didn’t want the attention than why did she do it. Because she wants the attention.

  • For someone who goes on the telly every week to criticize people on how they dress, she should be able to take a little mocking about her no eyebrow look with some sense of humor.

  • Am I the only one who loves her. She is a spoiled little rich girl who grew up in crazy. So what.

  • No way. I love her. …so she over-bleached her brows? Actually, a lot of people do that-or should do that- to open up their face. It’s a Kevyn Aucoin thing. She’s not perfect and she knows it-and she’s not afraid to admit to the craziness or mistakes and say “so what?? Move on.” absolutely love her.

  • I actually think she looks better here, at least in the top pic. Not necessarily the bleached brows, but the much lighter makeup softens her face.