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Stars Without Makeup: Kelly Osbourne, Again

photo of kelly osbourne pictures no makeup pic
So here’s Kelly Osbourne in an airport earlier this week “without makeup.” Again, of course. And I use the quotation marks because though she doesn’t have any “makeup” on, she definitely has some … I don’t know, some THING on her face that’s making her look kind of orange-y and Ooompa Loompa-ish. Or is it jaundice? I don’t know.

One thing is for sure—whatever she does have on her face, it clashes with her lilac hair *horrendously.

*Incidentally, when I typed ‘horrendously’, it seriously came out ‘horrendouchely’, which, of course, is not a real word, but I think I might start using it, because it’s so, so appropriate.

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  • Oh I LOVE that shade, if I had fairer hair I would totally dye it lilac, but alas, I don’t. She looks weird because she has no eyebrows. Perhaps it’s the lighting in the room? Sometimes depending where I am I look sort of jaundice, because even though I’m pale, I have pale olive skin so sometimes I look yellow.

    • Re: the olive skin, me too. I often look yellow, but hopefully not nearly as yellow as Kelly does in this picture, lol.