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Lindsay’s Got a Really Keen Fashion Sense and Her Sister’s Going to Korea

photo of lindsay lohan fashion 2012 picture cowboy clothes pic
Doesn’t she look great, guys? It’s like she’s at the pinnacle of her career, the precipice of her life. The apex of her acting. And those clothes, too, mm-hmm. They go so well with her softly-plumped lips. Hot.

This is Lindsay Lohan‘s latest getup, and it’s as lovely and as subtle as sister Ali Lohan’s recent announcement that she’s “heading to Korea to model,” because duh, everyone knows that “going to Korea” for a “modeling contract” totally means “Rehab—boy, I’m on my way!”

Yes, Ali Lohan, The Model, is on her way to Korea, though. From TMZ:

According to our sources … 18-year-old Ali Lohan will spend the next 30 days or so living in Korea (South, not North) with a group of 3-4 other Americans in a “model house” as they all try to book gigs in the Asian market.

Sources close to Lohan tell TMZ … Ali had no issues with peacing out of the U.S. for a few weeks — she’ll now be an entire ocean away from Dina — and told friends she’ll keep in touch via Skype.

Please. Can she manage being almost an entire world away from those f-cking crazy family members of hers? I’d sure hope like hell she’d be able to. As for living in a “model house,” God. I just can’t even imagine what that experience might be like for her. I’d like to think it’d go something like this:

Model #1: So you’re Lindsay Lohan’s sister, huh?


Model #2: So … uh, what’s all that like, then, being the kid sister of a famous … of Lindsay Lohan?


Model #1 to Model #2: Lost cause, girl. Just like I said.

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  • She’s gone from looking like Divine to looking like Old Lady Bette Davis! Her sister better watch out…those “model houses” as they’re called are sometimes fronts for white slavery trafficking. Seriously, guys, I’m not crazy. She may wake-up in Dubai or the Ukraine.

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