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Guess the Celebrity: Adorable Offspring Edition

I’m sorry, you guys, this kind of isn’t fair. There’s no reason why you should know who this baby is, unless you happen to follow his dad on Twitter. This kid is just four months old, and while he does have a famous dad, it’s not like his dad is Tom Cruise or Justin Bieber or anything. So I honestly don’t expect you guys to be able to get this one right off, but I just couldn’t resist showing you this precious face. Because honestly, look at this baby. Just look at him. So cute, right?

Ok, now for the clues as to whose sperm helped make this little bundle of adorable. I don’t talk about him all that often because there’s not really any gossip about him, but he’s one of my very, very favorites. He stars in what is probably my favorite show on TV right now, and oh my god, is he gorgeous. He also has, on the show, a gorgeous brother and a lot of emotional problems stemming from a very significant trauma in his childhood. And hey, did I mention that he’s gorgeous? Because he is. It’s almost supernatural how gorgeous this man is.


A photo of Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki

It’s Jared Padalecki‘s little baby son, Thomas! Loooook! Supernatural! Babies! What more could you possibly need?!

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