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Lindsay Lohan Really, Really Wants to Party With Katy Perry

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I normally don’t run stories that originate from the Enquirer, but this was too believable to pass up. In short, I completely think this happened, and I don’t know why the story hasn’t caught on faster than this. More or less, Katy Perry threw this skating party (which is proven to be true), and Lindsay Lohan decided that she’d crash the event and try to hang all over Katy Perry all night long, which Katy wasn’t having. From the Enquirer:

A furious Katy Perry shouted that order after bisexual bad girl Lindsay Lohan tried to latch onto her at a recent roller skating pery hosted by the singer.

Things spiraled out of control quickly at the Glendale, Calif., rink during a July 14 party the 27-year-old threw for her friend, stylist Johnny Wujek.

Lindsay showed up uninvited and “dressed like a bag lady” at the ’90s-themed bach, said a Hollywood insider. “She started acting really weird. She refused to talk to anyone and she kept following Katy around, trying to take a photo with her. Katy told friends, ‘I think she may be drunk, so PLEASE keep her away from me!’”

But it got worse as the 26-year-old Mean Girls star — who’s been in rehab at least five times — began catching up to Katy as they skated around the rink.

“Lindsay was hell on wheels!” said the insider. That’s when, in utter desperation, the singer turned to a staffer and shrieked about keeping that “train wreck” off her back.

“Katy has a lot on her mind since splitting from Russell Brand, and the last thing she needs is more drama in her life — especially Lindsay Lohan drama,” said the insider. “She hates to hurt people’s feelings, but she’s the first one to tell you she’s avoiding all ‘Debbie Downers’ — and Lindsay was reeking of negativity. She finally took the hint and left.”

Believe it? Well, you should. Because I, for one, completely think it’s true. How can it not be? This kind of behavior is right up their respective alleys. Lindsay’s desperation, Katy’s snootiness, and a skating party? For sure. No one’s going to change my mind about this one.

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  • Lindsay please stop giving people the chance to be mean. What harm would she have cause. People act like she some illness they don’t want to catch. She would harm herself if anything.

    • Yeah right, THEY are mean because she rudely crashed their party and hung around bothering them.
      And let’s hope she does only harm herself the next time she runs someone down or abducts them.

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