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Katy Perry Has A New Man in Her Life

A photo of Katy Perry

But who could it be? I was thinking about making you guess, but since it’s so early I’ll save you the agony and let you know that it’s this guy:

A photo of John Mayer

Oh yes, there are rumors that Katy Perry is getting involved with the one and only John Mayer. Just think about that for a second. Let it really sink in. Like, picture them nuzzling necks or something. Could you just die?

From Us Weekly via Celebitchy:

Katy Perry’s last Friday night was a memorable one: She spent it with John Mayer!

Days after her divorce from Russell Brand was finalized, she joined the singer July 19 at West Hollywood’s Soho House. “They were affectionate, holding hands and cuddling!” says a witness. The duo had an encore the next night, when the Montana-based crooner, 34, shared pizza with Perry, 27, at her house. If it all seems a little rushed, consider that Perry — also casually seeing musician Robert Ackroyd — has had a thing for Mayer for years.

And onlooker recalls a flirtfest at NYC’s Goldbar on September 11, 2009, when “she made it her mission to hook up with him.” However, they left separately — then Perry hit it off with Brand the very next day. While Mayer’s rep says “they’re not dating,” Perry is plowing ahead. Says the insider, “She nailed down her crush!”

How does anyone have “a thing” for John Mayer, let alone “a thing” that’s lasted for years? I could maybe see hearing “Your Body is a Wonderland” for the first time and considering it for a minute, but that would have to be the extent of it. Over the years, John Mayer has proved himself to be quite the douche, but then again, so has Katy. So who knows, maybe these two douches can just douche together. Picture that.