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An Open Letter to Madonna

photo of madonna is washed up pictures
Dear Madonna:

Everyone already hates you. You don’t need to keep doing dumb crap to piss us all off. It’s not making you cute, it’s not making you cutting-edge, and it’s not gaining you any new fans. No, quite the opposite, actually—you’re look silly, bitter, dated, and boring. Oh, and heartless—I heard about your “I’m keeping my guns, y’all” stunt earlier this morning, and I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed. I knew you were pretty much the lowest of pretentious-low, but this just takes the cake. Your selfishness really shone through on that one, girl.

After I’d already had a bad taste in my mouth for you this morning, I then heard that you’re still slagging Lady Gaga off for being a better entertainer, and a better person on the whole. I mean to say, still, that is. You’re *still* doing it. Because even though you’ve done it on the regular over the last few years, it’s become more like every couple of weeks now, and it’s really getting f-cking boring. Your most recent comment in an interview with a Brazilian television show is Exhibit A. Let me refresh your memory. You were asked about your ongoing, virtually one-sided feud with Lady Gaga (i.e., the one thing that’s actually getting you publicity these days, aside from flashing your half-centurion nipples, ass, and gitch), and this is what you said:

“I’m a really big fan of [‘Born This Way’]. And I’m glad that I could help her [Lady Gaga] write it.”

Bitch, come on. Get over yourself. If you want to let shit get real, then file a lawsuit to the tune of copyright infringement. Do something more than just publicly bullying someone who’s infinitely more talented than you (and that hurts to say, because I am not a Lady Gaga fan). But you won’t. And it’s because you’re a stupid bitch who’s got nothing better to do than sit on a porch like a gossiping-ass funky granny who feels threatened by anyone who might come and take her place in the world as future Queen Funky Grandma.

Do you know how stupid you sound every time you open your mouth these days? How poorly everything you’re doing to stay relevant is being received? Because if you did, well. Then you might actually reconsider continuing a career that was dead a decade ago. But you probably don’t even know because you’re too far up your own ass to care that there is life after Madonna. Really. Ask anyone who’s been around for the last ten years. They know it for sure.

Another bitch that’s sick of sticking up for Lady Gaga already

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  • LOL! She really does need to just stop already its old news move on and for all our sakes keep ur clothes on! Man i bet Lourdes is beyond embarrassed poor girl!

  • Sorry…meant steroids….
    Give granny a break…she survived the hell that is Sean Penn…

  • Seriously, in that pic, she is starting to remind me of Bette Davis in ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane?’…yes, a very OLD film but check it out

  • Dang girl! That was rough! But I kinda liked it! I think Madonna is getting too old, when my Grandma started getting Alzheimer, she started acting really weird, sometimes mean and delusional. Perhaps Madonna is heading down the same path because I see similarities between Madonna and my Grandma. Also, since no one knows me, I can say that my Grandma tried hooking up with younger guys (the guys that would pick her up in the old community bus and take her to her games group once a week) he would walk her to her door and she would try and hook up with him. (Get it Grandma!!!!) When these things started happening, we knew something wasn’t right. I’m just saying, Madonna is getting kinda old. Perhaps she is getting some old people disease.

  • K but ‘Born This Way’ does sound a lot like ‘Express Yourself’
    Their propensity to suck is equal to their abilities to be good

  • This is so righteous!

    Dear Madonna,

    You are an aging star, who once shone bright,
    Now you fight to keep your pu$$y tight,
    The time has come to get off the pot,
    Face it dear, your so not hot.

    Love always, Dean.

    P.S. Leave GAGA alone or you will get your boobs cut off!

  • Dear Madonna, leave Gaga alone and stop being a jealous old hag. We all know she made Born This Way and your song had nothign to do with it. Sincerely, a former Madonna fan.

  • Gaga totally lifted from “Respect Yourself” for “Born that Way.” So I guess you can say that Gaga is more talented when she totally uses someone else’s stuff.

    No need to get pissed I think they both need to get over themselves.

  • Someone Needs to put the Old Age Pensioner in a Home She is Exposing he bloomers in Public Blahhh Feel Sick

  • Dearest Sara,

    First of all let’s talk about DISCRIMINATION, it’s a nasty little thing that comes in many forms; some people discriminate against people based on Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender and even Age. FEDERAL LAW in the United States protects us from this type of DISCRIMINATION & thank GOD because you don’t seem to realize being an Entertainer **is** Madonna’s WORK. It is a real business known as the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

    It took Women in general up until 1974 to fight against the types of DISCRIMINATION you are “endorsing by saying Madonna is too old to perform.” DISCRIMINATION prevented women from being able to WORK and EARN a LIVING for centuries. Thank God for people like Gloria Steinem and Madonna. They paved the way for young women like you and I to earn our own wages and be independent. Without Madonna, Gaga would have struggled even more to get signed. The Entertainment Industry is not just about Talent, it is a business heavily dominated by men who DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WOMEN based on BEAUTY and AGE.

    BUT what makes it worse is when people like you VOMIT OUT THE MOUTH & INTO THE INTERNET about AGE and discount people like Madonna because of her AGE, when what your saying your own Grandma has NO VALUE IN THE WORLD because she is over 50? Hopefully you are aware the new OBAMA CARE plan agrees with you and will gladly deny your grandmother medical care because like you, they think she holds no value in society because she is old. Honey your words and comments about Madonna are supporting DISCRIMINATION and if you want to take women back to being a MANS WORK SLAVE like in the 18th Century…you keep up your ignorance.

    While you were still breast feeding on your mothers nipples, Madonna was working her ass off BREAKING 7 Guinness World Records:

    1.Top-Selling Female Recording Artist (2011)- 200 million records worldwide
    2.The Female Artist with The Most #1 singles in the UK- 9th Number Ones
    3.The Artist with The Most #1 Dvd’s in the US- (Celebration is her last DVD topped the Chart)
    4.The Highest Grossing Tour for a Solo Artist of All Time
    5.The Most Costume Changes in a film Evita (more than 300)
    6.The World’s Most Successful Female Musician (2007)
    7. Highest Paid Female Singer (2006)

    My second point is about RESPECT, Gaga aside, Madonna has EARNED her right on the Stage, just like Steven Tyler, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, etc. Like it or not she is an Icon. When you turn 53, look at how many people will be supporting YOUR CAREER. To outsell every artist out there…come on…the proof of her Talent is in the Numbers Honey & you HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE regardless of whether or not you like her music:

    -Madonna scored her fifth straight #1 album with MDNA
    -MDNA is #1 in US and 47 countries
    -MDNA at Radio City Music Hall was completely sold out in a record-breaking 34 minutes
    -Her latest stint at #1 on Billboard’s tour chart is just a glimpse at the singer’s overall summer tour domination, beating out fellow divas Gaga and Lopez to amass $450 million on the ‘MDNA World Tour’ to date from just 70 shows (from ticket sales alone, excluding merchandise sales).

    And, already holding the TITLE for the ***highest grossing tour of any solo act of ALL time.***

    My Third Point is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This is what America is about. Last year; 9,000 people were killed due to Firearms and 16,000 were killed due to Drunk Drivers. Art is a reflection of life, I know, I’m an artist. Madonna is reflecting through her performance art an issue that needs to be dealt with (guns), this is what artists do. Colorado is not an isolated incident, and the President will use the tragedy as leverage just to disarm the citizens of the United States….with “stricter criminal background checks before going to a gun dealer” just like Hitler did before the Holocaust. And I will not be suprised if the Psycho who shot up the theater is either a Special Agent or Special Forces working for our Government.


    I appreciate Madonna, it takes balls to stand up to World Goverments & World Banks and speak your truth, perform your art against critiques and pissy comments like yours x a million DISCRIMINATORY IGNORANT PEOPLE. Gaga is irrelevant, they both are getting publicity from the gossip, and they -in the business- know this. I can assure you that neither of them are busting their asses to be DISCRIMINATED AGAINST period. They both have talent to be appreciated. RESPECT. Madonna’s Statistics speak for themselves.

    However, calling someone a “bitch” just shows that you have no class. Always criticize a persons work or performance, not the person. Low blows are Toxic and no one needs your poison.

    • Seriously, nobody reads rants that are more than 5 or 10 lines – You wasted your time (whatever it is you said)

    • Thank you very much, for your posting, I don’t even know how I got to this hating previous post which I really hope with all my heart wasnt written by a woman, my great grandmother was part of a big movement so women could be in the place where they are right now, and if she could read the way women attack another women, she would be crying right now, I’m a big fan of Madonna and I love Lady Gaga, enough with the way women treat each other, yeah yeah they both are artists and all is part of their act and perfomance it is called publicity for both of them, but can you please stop talking bad about one or the other, thanks I bet you, nor Madonna or Gaga give a shit of whatever all you retards have to say, thanks Papillion you got the only real point on this thread :)

  • No doubt she’s done very well for herself, but it’s like Madonna has forgotten, like….the point… life. There is more to life than career, and poor thing can’t get a grip on reality. Love you, Madonna! Please grow up! :)

  • So Lady Gaga is ripping you off, Madge? Tell it to Debbie Harry and see how that works out.

  • I do think Madonna should be age appropriate – whatever that means. And the nipple flashing is just nasty.
    But I completely disagree, Lady Gaga sucks. She’s an fugly pretentious no talent attention wh***. Madonna has more talent in her pinky than Gaga could ever have. I guarantee that we will always know of Madonna, she is an icon.
    Lady Gaga in ten years will be singing at D-list Las Vegas strip bars

  • Thank you to Papillion for the history lesson.
    Most U.S. fans, and around the Globe, have put Madonna in the position she is in today. Inversely, without Madonna where would we be today? Firstly, Madonna is a mother (toughest job in the world) and also an Advocate for: Non-violence, Human rights, Women’s rights, Children’s rights/welfare (Africa), LBGT rights (bullying, etc.)…the list may go on. Gaga is the answer to the new world we live in. May Gaga rise to the advocacy that she speaks of regularly. Bless them, both are entertainers. The Entertainment industry is tough, should not be. Maybe the author of An Open Letter to Madonna is just a bigot and afraid of truth…something Madonna believes in.

  • Wow. First of all- Madonna is ANYTHING but irrelevant. Let’s look at some facts, shall we? She started her 30th year in the biz by winning a Golden Globe. Her Super Bowl show attracted the largest tv audience in television history. Her new album, MDNA, caused the largest album pre-order in iTunes history. Same album debuted at #1 in over 54 COUNTRIES. Her new tour is the highest grossing tour on the planet for a solo artist- beating out Lady Gaga- WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THAT WANNABE ANYWAY. Madonna’s appearance on Graham Norton gave him an extra million viewers. Madonna was the most googled and tweeted about female of the year. And yes, SHE DID help Gaga with not only Bored This Way, BUT EVERYTHING ELSE THAT NASTY WANNABE HAS TRIED TO LEECH OFF OF. Gaga is only re-hashing Madonna’s entire career- her obvious influence and relevance is only now being seen. Who the HELL do you think you are, anyway? Here’s the deal- in 50 or 100 years, people will STILL be talking about Madonna. NOT you OR Lady Gaga. Gaga herself is a small blip in Madonna’s cultural impact. Now, M is taking on ageism- surprising that you are all so narrow-minded. Who the fuck says Madonna has to retire? She has millons of fans shelling out big bucks to see her live. Don’t like her? FINE. Don’t. But how dare you slag her off as if she’s some senile old grandma? Why do we all have to kiss Gaga’s ass? I can’t stand that bitch. You’re all hateful and ignorant. And Madonna is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Oh and Wild West dude- It’s CYNDI Lauper, for one, and Madonna didn’t steal anything from her. Their music sounds nothing alike.