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Turns Out Octomom IS Getting Sued

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Do you remember this story? I’m worried that it got lost in the midst of all the Octoporn news. See, back at the beginning of June, we heard that Octomom had booked her very first stripping gig in Florida, but just a few days after that, she backed out of the deal because a bartender at the strip club said that she “must be a little crazy” to have 14 children, which obviously made her fear for her life. The strip club told her that if she didn’t perform that they would file a lawsuit. Well, tonight is supposed to be Octomom’s first night on stage, and she’s not showing. So a lawsuit it is!

From E! Online:

A Florida strip club has decided that if Nayda Suleman doesn’t strip for them, then she shouldn’t strip anywhere!

At least not anywhere nearby.

The pop-culture pariah known as Octomom has been sued by T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, where the ownership is angry that she backed out of an eight-show deal and is now planning to perform at another club, E! News confirmed Tuesday.

So, what does T’s Lounge want in addition to an injunction preventing its competitor from capitalizing on Suleman’s, ahem, fame?

The plaintiff wants at least $15,000 for the trouble of hiring, then losing, Suleman to the Playboy Gentleman’s Club in Hollywood, Fla. The true damages are “unascertainable,” the suit laments.

Per the lawsuit, her contract stipulated that she needed to give 35 days’ notice if she intended to cancel, and that she only gave them 34 before pulling out of the gig, which was supposed to run July 11-14. Furthermore, the complaint continues, her contract also prevented her from performing at another club within 50 miles of T’s Lounge and within 90 days of her scheduled shows.

“It means so much to be the first one to get her nationwide,” T’s Lounge owner Gary Odle told the Palm Beach Post. “With this sort of thing, you have to be the first one out of the box.”

“There was no malicious intent” behind the “crazy” comment, he added.

Suleman’s rep said last month that the mother of 14 canceled on the club via text, two days after signing the deal, because a bartender from the venue had called her “crazy” during a local TV news interview and Suleman feared for her safety.

Pending a judge’s intervention, interested patrons can go to the Playboy Gentleman’s Club on Friday to “see Octomom take it off,” or so goes the current ad slogan.

Odle also told the paper that Suleman is still welcome on the T’s Lounge stage should she change her mind and want to make up.

Suleman’s rep has not returned a request for comment.

Ok, so bad news: Octomom isn’t going to be stripping in Florida tonight, even though she got our hopes up over a whole month ago. Good news: you can see her strip on Friday in a town just an hour away! This just goes to show that if things are meant to be, then they will come to be. All good things to those who wait. Good things happen to good people. When in Rome … have 14 children and then masturbate on camera and perform at strip clubs to pay for them.