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Octomom is Still Broke, Going to Be a Stripper

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From TMZ:

… Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she has booked a gig at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL for her first stint as a stripper. We’re told Octomom will do two shows a night from July 11-15.

But it’s not all good news — or maybe it is — because we’re told that while T’s Lounge is all-nude, Octo will only be going topless. And if you were hoping to take Octo back to the champagne room, that’s not going to happen — she won’t be doing lap dances.

According to our sources, Octo has felt “sexually liberated” since filming her solo porn (due out this summer) and decided stripping would be a good way to promote the upcoming video.

Guess that solo-porno really didn’t pay all that well, then, huh? Apparently not. But even so, the foreclosure proceedings have been temporarily halted, and pushed off until Thursday, June 7th. From E! Online:

The heavily hyped foreclosure auction of Nadya Suleman’s La Habra, Calif., home was pushed back Thursday for a second time in two days, aggravating would-be bidders who turned up at City Hall in Orange for a chance to snag the four-bedroom, three-bath residence for a song.

So what happened?

No explanation was given by Meridian Foreclosure Services for the postponement, but a company representative had warned previously that today’s proceedings might not take place. The auction has now been rescheduled for June 7.

Does she plan on getting some impromptu stripping gigs in the next few days? Is she going to try and pay the balance of her mortgage in ones? Because I think she’s going to need to act fast—some people don’t have the patience the general public has in helping Nadya reveal a side of herself that she never thought existed.


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  • I was going to ask if there is actually a market for her posing or appearing nude, but obviously there is…just like there is fetishist porn for beastiality enthusiasts and probably toenail licking or some such awfulness…she’s a freak show. This is why sexuality in America is so fucked up. We don’t allow normal consenting people the sexual freedoms they deserve, but a plasticized human incubator will be paid for flying her freaky brand of crazy to all who are curious or inclined to sexualizing oddities. Also, her belly button looks evil. I’m just saying, it haunts my dreams.

  • her belly button is probably weird from surgery? but i think her feet are the weirdest – they are what freaks me out!

  • It’s her arms that freak me out! She looks like one of those dinasours with little arms and huge legs and feet!! She’s so gross!!

  • Yeesh….. Thats one feature dancer I’d never see… She should just go join the dayshift at a regular strip club, the girls are a little worse for wear but usually try harder.

  • Wow, what a game she’s playing!
    She said on her octomom tv episode 21 that she went to church
    yesterday and actually took communion.
    She had her faithful “platonic” friend Frankie by her side.
    He was actually dressed!!!
    I caught it on youtube this morning, couldn’t watch all of it.
    BARF!!! What church? Strippers for Jesus?