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7Kate Upton’s Fat Nipples Are Here to Save the Day

Yeah, I know: this lard-ass again. Jeez. I’m sure so many of you are so sick and tired of looking at her tubby body and fat head, so I’ll make this short and sweet—Kate Upton nipples. OK? Or, for those of you who don’t cite English as your first language, The Nipples of Kate Upton. Better? Good.

They’re after the jump, and I don’t care *how* enormous you think she is—nipples are nipples, and these are some pretty fabulous nipples, alright?

Jump in for the nipples, dude.

July 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm by Sarah
Filed Under: Kate Upton

7 Responses to “Kate Upton’s Fat Nipples Are Here to Save the Day”

  1. Emily says:


    • eha says:

      haha wtf?? she is waaaaay hotter than U so dont be so jelly… i find it amusing that just gays and ugly skinny chicks say she is ugly.. every guy ive ever spoke to thinks she is super hot

  2. Nicole Peach says:

    Yup, you definitely did eha….. Time to take your sarcasm detecting pills bro. You seem to have no sense of Emily’s delectable drollness.

  3. Nicole Peach says:

    She’s a beautiful girl alright, but I’m always baffled by such slender top heavy girls. Some kind of genetic mutation.

  4. Julia says:

    I’m not super into her as a model, she seems too bubbly to be fierce. Anyway, she’s still way hot and OMG those are awesome boobies.

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