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Was Kristen Stewart Looking at Engagement Rings?!

A photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

According to In Touch, yes, Kristen Stewart was looking at engagement rings because she and her greasy beau, Robert Pattinson, are getting Very Serious:

After four years and four blockbuster films, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

In Touch has learned that Kristen went shopping at Neil Lane in West Hollywood with a friend in early June and stunned eyewitnesses when she headed straight for the engagement rings!

“She was trying on gold rings with various colored diamonds — nothing traditional,” one excited onlooker tells In Touch of the 22-year-old Twilight actress.

Kristen used to be in favor of taking “baby steps,” but a friend of the couple tells In Touch, “She loves Rob, and she’s finally ready — an engagement is a logical next step.”

They’ve been building toward it, adds the friend: “In the past year, they’ve really heated up — moving in together, traveling together, introducing each other to friends.”

Whoa! Moving in together and introducing each other to friends?! Slow down, kids, you’ve got your whole lives ahead of you!

But it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down at all, because there are also rumors that they want to have a baby:

Kristen has been bitten by the baby bug! After attending a June 23 wedding where she and Rob were ‘glued to each other’ and ‘making out all over the place,’ Kristen touched a pregnant woman’s belly and became enamored with the idea of having a kid with Rob!

“Kristen was talking to a pregnant guest and told her that she would love to have a baby with Rob,” said a source to Us Weekly. “She thought it was so cool — at one point she touched the woman’s belly to feel the baby kick.”

According to the report, Kristen, 22, is also falling in love with her 11-year-old Breaking Dawn costar Mackenzie Foy.

She and Rob, 26, have been witnessed playing parents to their Breaking Dawndaughter, Renesmee, and “would talk about how they would raise their own children.” Their source reveals, “Kristen would say, ‘Well, I’d never do this or that.’ Sometimes it would start off as a joke, but you knew they were really thinking about it.”

Even their director Bill Condon agreed they would be good parents after witnessing their interaction as Renesmee’s parents, Edward and Bella Cullen. He said, “It really brought something paternal out in Rob, and Kristen was espcially protective.”

Robsten wont be having kids soon though — their source says they will try for a baby after the final Twilight: “They know their every move is going to be scrutinized when they’re promoting the film. They will decide when the moment is right.”

Yeah, they won’t be having kids soon, they’ll just start trying after the second part of Breaking Dawn, which won’t be released until November. That’s like months away, you guys. They really want to think this through.

While I don’t really buy these rumors – I think that at this point in their lives, Kristen and Rob are more interested in hanging out, smoking weed, and making movies than in getting married and having babies – I would love it if they were true. Just think of how edgy Kristen’s engagement ring would be. Just think of Kristen Stewart pregnant. Just think of Robert Pattinson as a daddy. There would be so much great stuff in that whole arrangement, right?

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