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Marion Cotillard is So, So Beautiful

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I think one of the only ladies that exists in life who looks equally beautiful clothed as she does naked is Marion Cotillard.

I realize that we do a lot of verbal fellating of miss Marion (or would it verbal cunnilingussing?), but it’s for a good reason. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s got no problem stripping down and showing her amply-fabulous ta-tas off in public. Marion wins all around because she’s this great.

Also, she did a recent interview and photo spread for WSJ magazine, where she talked about fashion (because duh, France), and what it’s like to be a world-traveling actress, both famous in her native country of France and in the United States.

Here’s Marion on costumery:

“I find it very interesting to be able to create your own story about what you feel in a certain outfit. The difference is, the whole story is known only by you.”

So, OK. That was pretty cheesehead, but we’ll let it slide. She’s French. She’s allowed to be smarmily poetic.

Here’s Marion on answering questions of people who actually “know” fashion:

“Not that I’m smarter with my answers now, but at least my vision of fashion has changed—it’s actually an art, what designers do with the shape of the body. I would have very dumb answers because I didn’t have anything to say.”

On crushing on Batman as a kid (and what luck, as she’s in the latest ‘Batman’ movie):

“I was crazy about Batman growing up—he was kind of a fantasy.”

And finally, Marion on how “cool” being an actress actually is—if you’re cool enough to recognize, anyway:

“I have the opportunity to travel in all these worlds, and that’s why I wanted to be an actress. I wanted to go from a point to the opposite point—and that’s happening. … I’m super cool now.”

So lovely, so articulate. Hey. Even if she doesn’t know fashion like the back of her hand, that’s OK. Marion Cotillard is one solid lady in my book.

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