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3Love It or Leave It: Marion Cotillard Chosen as the New Face of Lady Dior

photo of hot marion cotillard for dior lady pictures
Is it me, or is there just something so unbelievably entrancing about this woman? Of course, I’m talking completely aside from her fabulous, voluptuous, natural boobs. I’m talking about the depth of the characters she plays in her films. I’m talking about the smoky seduction that just oozes right out of every one of Marion‘s pores. I’m talking about how damned GOOD she looks in black and white, like a sultry siren from the era of silent films. I’m also talking about her fabulous rack, I can’t lie – and good GOD is she hot.

November 23, 2011 at 3:30 pm by Sarah
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3 Responses to “Love It or Leave It: Marion Cotillard Chosen as the New Face of Lady Dior”

  1. mireee says:

    She’s mesmerising isn’t she?

  2. Angry Pirate says:

    Hm. She’s OK, but I don’t remember her in anything aside from having seen several of her movies. She just wasn’t memorable.

    I would call her proportionately figured. She photographs well when in a professional setting, but I think your head shot looks better. *shrug*

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