Marion Cotillard Went Topless and You Should Probably See It

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Marion Cotillard is filming a new movie called Rust and Bones in which she plays … actually, I don’t know what she plays. I don’t even know what the movie is supposed to be about, because when I decided to do a Google, all I could see was nipples. Like, everywhere. So then I went back to the photos in the gallery and decided that as long as Marion Cotillard’s tits were on display, silly, trivial little things like plot and character development really don’t matter, now, do they?

Jump in for the BOOBS!

Images courtesy of Egotastic


  1. Laura says:

    Remember that Radiohead-Song “I want none of this”?

  2. Chuck says:

    Water’s cold!

  3. james says:

    Good grief look at the size of those things!

  4. imran khan says:

    she is looking so beauti

  5. Is there someone who is joking with her ?

  6. drew says:

    wow, look at those nips!!!!! MAMA

  7. wuppi says:

    i saw marion yesterday in the dark knight and fell in love with her. fantasized about her tits and sure enough googled and was excited to find topless pics of her – i like her massive areolae and nipples, i`m even more excited and i`m gonna have a good wank over them now :-W

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