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Love It or Leave It: Selena Gomez’s Busted-Ass Extensions

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Look, we’re talking about Selena Gomez for the first time in a month without having to talk about Justin Bieber and his photographer-assaulting ways! Isn’t that super? I just wish I had better news for you guys—Selena Gomez did I-don’t-know-what-the-f-ck to her hair with those cheap-looking ombre extensions. It’s pretty bad, right? Also, I don’t even think she went for length extensions. I think she decided to go for volume extensions (and just on the lower five or six inches of her hair), and why she’d do that is beyond me. Her hair was always so pretty. Don’t you remember this photo?:

photo of selena gomez pictures black hair photos
Because I do. This photo really sticks out in my mind as “Wow. Selena Gomez is turning into quite a beautiful young woman and now when are we going to see LEAKED NUDES.”

But anyway, because it’s almost impossible to talk about Selena Gomez without talking about Justin Bieber (unless, of course, we are talking LEAKED NUDES), Contact Music has information that Selena’s upcoming album might have details about the couple’s relationship, but then again, it might not because Selena just doesn’t get down like that. From Contact:

“It’s not going to be necessarily, ‘Here’s my tell-all.’ It’s going to be more of something that people could say, ‘It could be that or it could be this or it could that.’ At the end of the day I only make my music because I want it be really fun and if I could have people dance to it, relate to it, have a good time, that’s all I want.”

Oh, so she’s a c-cktease? Is that what this means? Because I could definitely get behind thinking that Selena Gomez is a c-cktease.

What do you guys think about these extension things anyway, huh? Because that is, after all, why we’re all gathered here around this Selena Gomez post to talk about, isn’t it?

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