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Look Who Got a Tattoo!

photo of ke$ha suck it tattoo pictures
First, I know that I tagged this person in their respective category, so it’s not a big surprise as to who it is (and frankly, I thought the gold tooth rather gave it away), but I’m still kind of all wow-ed out over it. This is probably the silliest thing I’ve ever seen our girl Ke$ha do, aside from eating nappy beards and pissing freely like the Rivers of Babylon in the streets, and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels or whatever.

And speaking of brushing teeth with Jack Daniels, I guess girlfriend’s onto something there, because those are some white, healthy-looking chompers, aren’t they? Makes you wonder why she’d want to go ahead and cover them up with gold caps they’re so purty.

Honestly, guys, Ke$ha’s class never ceases to amaze me sometimes. Are you just head over heels for this crazy new ink or what?

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  • this site is going down… it’s sad to see post after post with 0 comments. it was so much more fun when beet was posting. can’t blame you for trying, but it seems that people have moved on to other places like dlisted.

    i still check in hoping that things will get better but it’s getting stale.

  • My daughter got one of those tattoos a while back, hers said ‘FIERCE’ , only after a week the middle letters had worn away so it was more like FI CE – You can expect Ke$ha’s to read SU IT by next week, seems they often wear away in the middle quicker