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Ooh! Look! A ‘Breaking Dawn’ Clip!

Oh please. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not excited about this movie coming up, because why should I? Why should I try to be all cool and collected when I’m anything but? I’m just going to go ahead and embrace it.

The clip centers around the stupidly-named child, Renesmee, and talks of the Volturi’s imminent arrival. The Volturi, for all you non-‘Twilight‘-loving people, is kind of like crooked big brother of the vampires who want to control everything and everyone for their own benefit.

The movie hits theaters November 16th—will you be one of those waiting in line mad hours ahead of time to see it on its premiere night? Moreover, are you batshit crazy over this franchise like this lady is, or are you more demure like … well, you know, me?