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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’: First Photo of Renesmee

photo of bella edward and renesmee pictures ew pic
Aww, guys. Can you barely stand it? Seeing Bella and Edward together as immortals, and now seeing them with their half-vampire, half-human offspring, Renesmee*? Think about it: just a few more months and the whole ‘Twilight’ franchise will be over. Over! That probably makes some of you really, really sad (I’m kind of on that side, though I’m certainly not devastated by it), and it probably makes the rest of you really, really happy, but you know what? More of you than you think will probably end up seeing these movies sometime in your life. Mark my words, you will cave in one way or another.

Do you guys love the poster? Hate the series? Hate the teaser? Just can’t wait ’til the movie comes out on November 16th? What’s the real deal, guys?

*For the record, I think “Renesmee” is probably the stupidest name I’ve ever heard. When I read the books and I found that Bella would be calling her daughter “Renesmee,” I almost quit the series altogether. And seriously, there are a whole lot of die-hard, obsessive ‘Twilight’ fans out there, and if I hear one—one!—of them say that they’re naming their future female children “Renesmee,” I might have to punch them—and their kid—in the face. Because that is just bad. Get a grip, ‘Twilight’-ers. Gosh.

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  • Wait, doesn’t Bella become a vampire? Why is the child half human then? I haven’t read the books, help?

    • Don’t worry, it doesn’t make any sense to anyone else either. A word to the wise, don’t bother to read the Twilight books. There are so many wonderful ways to waste your time instead of this mind-numbing piece of trash. Reading actual literature is one. And, although highly beneficial, you find good prose a bit too, er, pretentious, you can read not so good prose that however has a good story. Or you can simply spend your free summer afternoons cuddling with your boyfriend. Or going out in the and finding a boyfriend (preferably one that does not shimmer when exposed to sunlight, haha). Anything, anything but this!

  • *in the sun

    Gosh, I spent way too much time on something Twilight related as it is.

    P.S. If you are a vampire fan, try some of Stephen King’s works, satisfaction guaranteed. Not so much tacky and cliched love story there, though, and awesome for exactly that reason.

  • This picture is retarded. It looks like stupid (teen) babysitters playing house and taking photos.

  • The girl is half human because she was conceived while Bella was still human.Bella only becomes a vampire after the baby is born.

  • Hate Twilight it’s terribly written and the movies are somehow even more painful to watch than reading the books. Love the outfit they put on Kristen Stewart though. That is all.