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David Arquette Serves Courteney Cox Some Divorce Papers

Well look who finally went and grew some balls! David Arquette, who had a “serious” and “long-term” girlfriend who he “loved” while he was separated—and not even officially separated or served with divorce papers—has gone and filed for divorce from Courteney Cox, citing irreconcilable differences. Maybe it was all those bitchy (love!) interviews she did about David, and maybe it was because David couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut. Maybe it was because David has the emotional maturity of a three-year-old, and Courteney had no intention of raising two children (one of which who is not, by mere age, a child). In any case, I’m not really sure what David could consider “irreconcilable,” because frankly, Courteney was the best he ever did and ever will do. You’d think out of either of them, Court would have been the one who’d strike the death blow, but hey. You never really know the true nature of someone’s relationship, do you?