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Scout Willis Can’t Have A Criminal Record Because She’s “Going Places”

A photo of Scout Willis

From People:

Scout Willis is due back in court on July 31 after being charged with two misdemeanors Tuesday. She allegedly drank a beer and handed cops a fake ID in New York’s Union Square on Monday evening.

Her lawyer tells PEOPLE that Willis, 20, rejected the state’s offer to plead guilty to the charges as they stand now because she would have a permanent criminal record – and that would be unreasonable.

“It would be outrageous to mar a person that’s clearly going places – clearly seeking to have a career … with a criminal record,” her attorney, Stacey Richman, tells PEOPLE. “The goal is clearly a non-criminal offer.”

Describing her client, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, as “clearly intelligent” and “devoted to her studies,” Richman calls Monday’s arrest “ridiculous.”

“Seriously, you were underage once … who wasn’t looking to get into a bar?” she says.

According to reports, an officer saw Willis drinking an 8-ounce Pakistani beer just before 7 p.m. before she allegedly flashed an officer a New York ID card with the name “Katherine Kelly.”

Willis was released without bail on Tuesday.

Look, it’s not like I think that having a fake ID is some huge crime, but it is a crime. Everyone knows it’s a crime. It’s not a secret. If you’re willing to get a fake ID, carry it around, use it to purchase beer, and then hand it over to a cop, then you should be willing to accept those consequences. And the idea that Scout shouldn’t be charged with anything because she’s “clearly seeking to have a career,” that’s absolutely ridiculous. If that works, then I’ll lose even more faith in the court system than I lost with Lindsay Lohan’s legal mess.

And I really hate the “seriously, you were underage once …” defense. Every single person was underage once, and many of them managed to make it to 21 without getting a fake ID. Not everyone went through a wild phase in their youth in which they experimented with drugs and got wasted every night and broke laws. It’s fine if they did, to an extent, of course, but that’s not what every person experienced, and it’s annoying when someone acts like it is. Because yeah, I was 20 once too, and you know what I did? I went to college and did my homework and worked in the theatre. I hung out with my friends, and I got drunk once and threw up in my friend’s bathroom and locked myself in there while I cleaned up. I never had a fake ID, and I think I only knew one person who actually did. So hush with that line of defense, because it doesn’t work.

And can I just take a moment to remind everyone that Scout showed her fake ID to a cop? She deserves to get charged for stupidity alone.

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    • do you ever do anything besides bitch? everytime you comment it’s something negative. this is a goddamn blog. if you’re looking for generic narrative commentary go to cnn or msnbc. you’re going to find personal opinions everywhere else.

      if you hate something so much you wouldn’t think you’d dedicate so much time to it. jeez.

      • Every decent blog needs a troll. It keeps them on their toes.

        Comments are public forum. I’m allowed to “comment” as I see fit. Your opinion is valued, but you should probably get over it, because I’m not going to stop.

        I like Evil Beet and have for years. I wrote for Sasha (the original author) for a short while in high school on internship. I “dedicate” my time because I think both Sarah and Emily are smart, snappy women with voice and personality that transfers well to the blog. That being said, I don’t care for the latter. It’s an opinion. Everyone has one, including yourself, obviously. I’m not trying to be pretentious or inflammatory, that’s just how it is.

  • Well pretty much the same as saying everyone had a pretty calmed and legal attitud in their youth.

    Not that I’m defending her, since she clearly did something wrong, but what’s the deal with the legal drinking age still being 21?

    Personally I was even more stupid. The legal drinking age in my country is 18. I had a fake ID at 15 (so did me friends, we all got them at the same time) and we got wasted every now and then. I got it out of my system way ahead of my time (no necessarily a good thing), and although it worked for me cause ever since i got into college i don’t drink as much and i actually study, i wouldn’t go putting my 15 year old self as an example of what some people are like at that age.

  • The ‘going places’ excuse is real, my friend was facing assault charges (false may I add), and it was going to stop her, at 21 from being able to work at a lot of places and in a lot of countries – considering it was her first incident & she had just gotten a university degree/actually wanted to make something of herself, the judge took this into account. Why? Because doing something stupid when your young can lead to legal charges that could ruin your future. When Scout is repeatedly chraged, or putting others in danger, then yes – punish her. But not for this once off.

  • So, say, a kid from a poor family with a learning disorder who probably is not going to get some big career should be punished more harshly than Scout because she is “going places” and that should not be messed with? I think that Scout should have at least the same treatment considering that she has the advantages of brains, money and a supportive family and still managed to screw up. “From whom much is given much is expected.”