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What Would Make Adele Defecate on Herself?

A photo of Adele

That was a fun little question, wasn’t it? Do you want to think about it for a minute? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Did you come up with anything good? Take a break real quick and leave it in the comments, and then come back. Did you do it? All right, now let me tell you what the real answer is …

Psych! You’re going to have to read through excerpts from this interview that she did with Matt Lauer to figure out what Adele thinks would make her “f-cking shit” herself. Really, it’s a great interview.

On getting a phone call from Elton John: “I had no idea who it was and he just started chatting away to me and I passed the phone over to a friend and I was like yeah, it’s Elton. It still cracks me up. It made me think my god it’s another level now.”

How she keeps a low profile: “The other day I walked through Trafalgar Square, tourist haven. I was a bit worried and I was in my pyjamas because I’d been working the day before, I was in colour too, I’m always in black. I had floral tracksuit bottoms on and this massive green coat and some little pink pumps. Luckily …I was really scared but I had this massive umbrella. Nobody recognized me.”

What she would do if an ex wrote songs about her: “I’d f-cking shit myself. I’d be mortified,” taking time to point out, “But also if they wrote songs about me, they’d be: ‘This song’s about Adele’. I’ve never given any names ever, but everyone’s going to know this song’s about me. No-one actually knows who my songs are about”.

On writing such personal songs: “I do wish I’d kept a lot of things to myself, but I never knew the album was going to be so big. I will be more wary when I go into things now.”

On being a celebrity: “I just want to make music, I don’t want people to talk about me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing. I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t want to be in people’s faces, you know, constantly on covers of magazine that I haven’t even known I’m on.”

It’s been way too long since Adele last did an interview. I can definitely understand wanting to make music without all the gossip, but I just love her too much. I wish she had a talk show or a video blog or my phone number so I could just hear her talk all the time. I find her accent just incredibly charming, and she always seems like so much fun.

In case you’ve forgotten what I’m talking about, here’s some of the actual video:

I. Love. Her.

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  • Actually, she kinda has takin’ a dump somewhere that’s not in the norm, you see, I use to tap that ass and she was so freaky that she straight up started to let one go on ME! Man, I looked her straight in the eyes and I said(lookin around to make sure she wont hear) Bitch, we are through! I never wanted to see her again that’s why I’ve only bumped her uglies 9 times since.