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Don’t Worry, The Situation Is Coming Back to Jersey Shore

A photo of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

I know we were all worried that The Situation wouldn’t return to Jersey Shore after he got out of rehab. There were rumors that MTV was going to find a new cast member to take his place, and even more rumors that he had no intentions of giving up his partying, club-going lifestyle. So what’s going to happen? Is The Situation going to show a more mature side of himself that we’ve never seen before and retire for sobriety’s sake, or is he going to go back down to the Jersey Shore this summer?

I know I kind of gave it away in the headline, but here’s the story from TMZ anyway:

He can’t drink … but MTV’s still taking another fat chance on The Situation — casting him on Season 6 of “Jersey Shore” after his rehab stint for substance abuse — and somehow, Abercrombie & Fitch is involved.

Here’s how it all comes together: Situation just filed new legal docs in his ongoing battle with the clothing company over GTL-themed apparel. In the docs, Situation begs the judge in the case to let him skip an impending court date … scheduled for June 14th.

The significance of that date — Sitch says MTV has tapped him to return for another season of “Jersey Shore,” which tapes from May 22nd to July 7th.

Sitch says he’s required to be present at the “Jersey Shore” house 24/7 — so he’d be violating his MTV contract by showing up in court.

Side note: Sitch also says he wants in excess of $10 million from A&F for trademark infringement. A judge has yet to make a decision on the court date issue.

Bottom line — Situation’s coming back … more sober than ever! Woo.

Well, this doesn’t bode well, does it? I mean, I know he has those two whole weeks of rehab under his belt, but does he really think this is a good idea? Does he think he can go back into that environment and not drink, or does he just not care?

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  • I hope you’re not getting paid for this lame attempt at pr. You’d do better if you walked down main street with a sandwich board and a cowbell.

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