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Your Daily Gosling

photo of ryan gosling and eva mendes in public pictures
I figured I’d start off with a quote from Eva Mendes on today’s ‘YDG,’ because it’s just so damn fitting:

“I’m feeling a little insecure because I can’t help but be super conscious of what I’m saying because I’m so protective. That’s the most precious thing to me. And I’m so protective and I just felt my guard go up.”

That was from a recent interview with USA Today, where Eva actually talked about Ryan and spilled why she was playing so coy during her most recent ‘Ellen’ show appearance.

… You don’t think, like, these two are going to get married or anything, do you? Because I don’t think I could handle it if they did. Not even because, you know, I’m definitely unabashedly jealous of the fact that Eva Mendes gets to HAVE SEX with Ryan Gosling and be subjected to RYAN GOSLING’S MORNING BREATH and ROLL HER EYES when he SHAVES IN THE SINK AND LEAVES WHISKERS ALL OVER THE SURFACE OF IT because ffs, it’s Ryan Gosling. Who cares if he leaves whiskers all over the damn sink and it takes twenty minutes to get them all up? Please! You’ve just got to suck it up and take the good with the bad, because the good is really, really good.

God, I can’t believe Eva even had the balls to be complaining about Ryan’s personal grooming habits! God! What a bitch!

photo of ryan gosling eva mendes pictures