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Guess the Celebrity: Season Finale Edition

photo of christina aguilera on the voice pictures photos
This photo was snapped by our friends at OMGBlog, live the other night on a leading reality show’s finale, where it showed a female performer wearing … I don’t know. Tightly-wound strips of plastic wrap and maybe some Christmas tree tinsel.

Jump in to find out who it is—if you don’t already know!

photo of christina aguilera on the voice finale pictures
Yes, it’s Christina. And I won’t even open the can of worms of ill-fitting outfits, because there are some people out there who, no matter what you say, refuse to believe that Christina Aguilera can’t shop in the right size to save her life. But they’d be wrong, because she can’t, and the above photo is indisputable evidence.

Also, did you guys hear that Christina may not be returning to The Voice after this season? It’s all allegedly over personality conflicts, too. Cute:

”The entire crew blames Christina for the argument and feud with Adam,” a source tells exclusively. “I’ll be surprised if she is here next year as a judge — and if she is, she will never win the show.”

“Everyone is happy with what Adam did and is completely on his side with this issue. … When things get heated — on and off set — the people in makeup have been told to go to Christina and work on her so she doesn’t start complaining or yelling,” our source reveals. “If she starts carrying on and making a scene [with the other coaches], the people in makeup act like a pit crew and rush to her to keep her quiet.”

What feud, are you wondering? She’s apparently going at it with Adam Levine, fellow judge on the show:

“They legitimately despise each other,” a source close to production tells us. “Carson Daly wanted them to talk it out, but they want nothing to do with each other.” In fact, Adam even wants to record a new version of “Moves Like Jagger” just to cut out Christina’s part!

“Christina is still demanding that Adam be fired from the show and not come back next season,” our source reveals.

What do you guys think? Is Christina a total bitch or what?

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  • Yes, she needs to wear the size she actually is, not the size she used to (wants to) be. And another thing, most of her boob was hanging out of that outfit, but yet they have to censor the word “b*tch” in a song?!!! Really?

  • I had to return to this picture because it’s hilarious. She looks like Jabba the Hut wearing Princess Leia’s slave bikini.

  • Here’s the problem: Everyone is too accustomed to seeing these stars in magazines after PHOTOSHOPPING is done. This photo represents what most women look like (in a dress that’s too small) :D

  • This looks photoshopped. I mean sure shes put on some weight, but who wouldnt notice back fat like that?? I call BS!

    • Sorry sister, I watched it live and that is what it looked like—so no BS!

      P.S. Have you not seen some of the other too-small outfits she wears?!!!

      The woman is a phenomenal talent but cannot dress for sh*t!!!

    • No joke. One of the writers at OMG Blog snapped the photo of his television during the live show.

    • Every celebrity goes through a time where they put on weight, Christina is my idol and she is truly beautiful what ever size she is, yeah this might not be the best outfit but I really don’t think that people should be able to comment on the picture, she is gorgeous inside and out and people shouldn’t be spoken about like this, how would you feel if everything you did was documented on the Internet, T.v, radio or media like magazines, Im sure you wouldn’t like it!:)

  • The way the fat is on her is just all wrong. It looks droopy. She needs to be careful. Her weight has always been back and forth. She has to be careful!!

  • All these people saying how much she needs to lose weight obviously haven’t noticed how much weight she HAS lost. Look at her in the blind auditions and battle rounds (also appearances at the time like american music awards, etta james’ funeral, and ellen) and then look at the live rounds. She lost a LOT of weight. I’m not saying that picture looks GOOD, but people can’t say she didn’t lose weight. And plus, when she was pregnant she lost her weight in just over a month. If she really wanted to lose it right away, she would.

    Also, the whole Adam and Xtina fighting is all for attention and ratings and they got what they wanted. :P