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More on the John Travolta Lawsuit(s)

photo of john travolta anus toucher pictures
Could this turn out to be like the Tiger Woods scandal, just with non-consenting “partners” and lots and lots of creepy massages? Maybe so. Radar Online has information that another masseuse from Georgia is joining in on the lawsuit against John Travolta, citing many of the same behaviors on the actor’s behalf in the suit.

From Radar Online:

… The second lawsuit is eerily similar to the first one, with both men claiming that Travolta inappropriately touched them in a sexual manner during a massage.

“I’m glad there is a second person,” John Doe #1 says. “This happened to me, I have proof and I know that people are going to believe my side of the story. I guess I feel vindicated because I know that a second person has come forward and they’re not afraid of John Travolta or his lawyer either.”

The second unidentified male masseur is being repped by Okorie Okorocha, the same attorney who filed the initial sexual battery lawsuit against the Oscar nominated actor. According to the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday morning in Federal Court in Los Angeles, the second victim alleges that while working at an unspecified resort in Atlanta, Georgia on January 28, 2012, he did an in-room massage on Travolta.

According to the docs, Travolta was staying on the 15th floor of the upscale resort, and he was referred to as Mr. White. The documents state that the Plaintiff doesn’t normally do in-room massages and asked a co-worker to take the assignment, but he declined because “Travolta has been banned from a spa that the coworker used to work at in Los Angeles.”

On the morning of the massage, the lawsuit alleges, Travolta had “a strange demeanor, bloodshot eyes and climbed onto the already setup massage table…Travolta removed the entire sheet from his body, and he claimed the sheets were sticky and could not tolerate the heat…Travolta further indicated that he likes a lot of ‘Glutes’ work meaning a massage on his buttocks…While he was massaging near Travolta’s buttocks area, Travolta would open his legs and spread his butt cheeks open and had a full erection and would maneuver in a way to try to force Doe Plaintiff No. 2 to touch his anus and around his anus.”

Awk. Awk, gag … Creepy-bad, John Travolta, creepy-bad. First, though, I do have a question, purely out of curiosity: how, exactly, does one “maneuver” in such a way to force someone into touching their anus? Man, if someone tried to force me into touching their anus, I’d touch them—I’d ram them so that they wouldn’t forget who brought the pain and not to ever, ever do it again. Ew.

In related news, John Travolta’s rep has come forward to negate the first lawsuit (they haven’t yet dry-humped tackled the second), saying that John was, indeed, out of the California area when the first incident happened back in January. TMZ has photos of John in New York City that particular day, and a meal receipt from Mr. Chow. You can click through to TMZ to view the photos:

We’re told the photo was snapped January 16th in NYC. Travolta sources say they have proof positive of the location and date of the photo — New York, January 16.

The photo could torpedo the case of John Doe #1, an unidentified male masseur who filed suit against Travolta for allegedly grabbing his penis and scrotum the very same day … during a massage session at the 90210 hotel.

And there’s more … a receipt from a meal Travolta ate at Mr. Chow in New York … also on January 16th (below).

The bill totaled $382 and the tip was $100 — the kind of generous tip for which Travolta is known. We’ve confirmed Travolta ate the meal at Mr. Chow.

Thoughts? Could this be real? Are you as grossed out as I am by the visual of someone forcing another person to touch their anus?

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  • Initially, it sounds like a couple of scumbags trying to get money out of him. Even though these pesky “bi” rumors keep following him around, it doesn’t make him a giant pervert.

  • I just have this (unwanted) mental image of this hairy butt trying to reverse backwards onto some poor guy’s hand now….ugh

  • haha I don’t care whether it’s true or not I’m CRINGING so hard thinking of Travolta prepping his bum up so the guy touched him omfg CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE

  • Why do ppl always jump to the “they just want money” out of him excuse? The first guy JUST filed, so he hasn’t received any money so why would masseuse (sp?) #2 file for money?

    I’ve always been a John Travolta fan, and I couldn’t care less if he is gay. However, if this is true, it’s disgusting. If he’s innocent until proven guilty, the accusers should be, too.

  • Im disappointed, not because john might be gay, not because he is accused of such disgusting behavior. I’m disappointed because john has enough money and is smart enough to not ever have this kind of information come to light. But what ever happens I still like john, and love his gift as an actor.

  • There are plenty in every major city that would lick it for a dude for $50… if this shiit were true, we’d never hear about it, because just like other whores out there, they are everywhere to be had, and will do anything for the right price. Travolta need not “guess” and take risks if that is his thing.

  • and that reason alone..This istoostupid….is why he has kept it secret for so many years. Money talks, …and walks, and buys silence.

  • John is a great actor.There is so much entertainment he has given us through the years.Even if it were true so what.Who’s perfect?it’s sad because we espect movie stars and famous figures to always be perfect.When we ourselves are not.

    • Um, these law suits are about sexual ASSAULT. He’s not perfect?! Are you crazy? His being gay is not the problem, it’s that he tried to FORCE HIMSELF on people.
      Jezus, some people are morons.

  • And what out his wife?She must have knew someth. or at least suspected ?She spend a lifetime with a homosexual partner.All those thoughts that he was with men all the time and then back to her.Creepy.This man is low

    • Hey Mel – she might know all along and is fine with it, as so many women that married gay men. Who knows what marriage deals the two got going for them. That just said aside, it just a he-said-she-said till now. And that such claims draw copycats that repeat the same BS isn’t surprising in the situation either. So it is highly likable that there is not a grain of trues to the entire story to begin with.

  • Oh is that sweet – some run down masseuse comes up with a wild story on old dirty John and before that on is taken out by the legal team the next moron surfaces already on the heist for John’s money.