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And Here’s A Video of Joel McHale on Bill Nye, The Science Guy

Lately, I’ve been on an epic quest to catch up on all the television shows the kids watch these days. I’ve been trying out a few things here and there that I’ve somehow missed over the years (Mad Men and 30 Rock are the next ones on the list). One of the things I tried out and completely and totally adored? Community. And even though I’m a little offended that no one forced me to watch it until recently, I’m so, so happy to have it in my life.

A part of that happiness though, if we’re being completely honest, is Joel McHale. Along with Josh Hutcherson and Zac Efron, he’s one of the celebrities that somehow managed to work himself into my heart. If Community hadn’t been enough to do that, this clip of Joel doing a skit on Bill Nye, The Science Guy back in 1998 totally would have.

And since I’m unveiling celebrity crushes here, can I let you guys in on something? This is a secret that has plagued me since I was in the fourth grade, and I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever told anyone this. But ok: I have a crush on Bill Nye. Can you imagine? I remember sitting in science class when I was 10, watching his show and just swooning. I kept the flame going in the corners of my heart for years, until I found a recording of Bill Nye, The Science Guy, on Loveline. Yeah, Dr. Drew‘s radio show all about sexual problems and penis jokes and sex. And Bill Nye was on it. And it was amazing.

Is anyone else with me on any of this? Do you guys have love for Joel McHale or, dare I even ask, love for Bill Nye? Do you at least have any other embarrassing crushes to reveal?

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  • Oh my god I thought I was the only one
    I seriously loved Bill and everyone thought I was severely disturbed…

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