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Katy Perry Misses Russell Brand

From Us Weekly:

“Katy’s been trying to get him [Russell Brand] back!” a close Perry pal tells Us Weekly of the eight-time Grammy nominee, 27. “She’s a lost soul right now.”

What led to the singer’s change of heart? A solo trip to India April 3 — the same place where she wed Brand, 36, in 2010. “She’d already been missing Russell,” an insider explains. “Being back there stirred up even more old feelings.”

Perry may pine for her ex, but a friend of the singer tells Us a reconciliation with the British comic — who had a series of flings in the wake of filing for divorce December 30 — is a long shot.

“Right now, Katy and Russell are trying to get to the point where they can at least be friends,” says a Perry pal.

I can totally see this. I mean, just look at these photos from Coachella. Katy looks like a lost little lamb, or a soul in need of healing. Or just, you know, in dire need of a semi-clean Port-a-Potty to sober up in.

One time I went to a Radiohead show at an outdoor venue in Boston, and I’m not going to lie: I got f-cked up. I didn’t intend on going that far, but it happened, and when I realized just how f-cked up I was, I took refuge in the ladies’ bathroom. I locked myself in a stall and sat on the toilet seat lid, where I stayed for a good forty minutes or so, contemplating my bottle of water and devising a plan to make it back to our seats without incident. Eventually, a security guard (or BATHROOM SPECIAL FORCES, was more like it) came in and knocked a few times to make sure I wasn’t dead or sticking hypodermic needles in between my toes like A Classy Lady (of course I wasn’t; that shit’s mad disgusting), and when I told her that I’d just had a bit too much to drink and I wasn’t even vomiting; I just wanted to be alone for a little while, she said that I’d have to unlock the door and come on out, or she was going to unlock it for me and bring me out. I couldn’t believe it. The nerve, you know? Intruding on someone’s privacy like that.

But I bet if Katy Perry needed a minute—or forty-five—to collect herself in the loo, no one would be busting her chops about it. And that’s exactly what she appears to need in these photos—that time to sit a spell, sober up, and come back to enjoy the concert that she missed most of, without the intrusive policing of Robo Cop’s Nazi mistress.

Either that, or maybe she just needs to lay off the drugs for a minute. Thinking that Russell Brand might take her bitter ass back is probably the height of delusions, you know?

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