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Quotables: Jason Segel Really Wants to Be Happy With Michelle Williams

photo of michelle williams and jason segel dating pics
“I think we would just very much like to be happy. That’s all I’m going to say about it. … I think I might even be becoming a man-man … potentially!”

—What Jason Segel had to say during a joint interview with co-star Emily Blunt on dating Michelle Williams and his romantic “evolution.”

Sources close to Jason and Michelle also spilled to Us Magazine about just how serious the relationship is becoming:

… Insiders told Us that Segel “has been trying to be more of a grown-up lately” to show his “commitment” to Williams, single mom to daughter Matilda. “He is taking care of himself more, exercising, eating right and dressing better. Basically, not acting like a frat boy anymore.”

Friends for years via mutual pal Busy Philips, the couple’s relationship “kind of happened overnight!” another pal marveled.

I want this to work out—I really and truly do. And honestly, I didn’t even know that Jason had a reputation for being a frat boy. I know that pretty much all men go through their phases, but Jason is thirty-two years old, and he’s had a pretty serious acting career for a minute now. Yeah, he played roles in movies like Dead Man on Campus, Slackers, and SLC Punk!, and had roles like “Watermelon guy,” Smelly Bob,” and “Frat Boy,” but I never for a second pegged him as a watermelon-toting, smelly frat douche that had a wreck of an apartment somewhere seedy, you know? He always kind of struck me as having his shit together, even though he did look like this the other day:

photo of jason segel pictures photos 2012 michelle williams phone pic
No, I can definitely see that Jason is taking this relationship with Michelle Williams so seriously that he’s willing to clean up his act—and his ass. And I think that’s great, because I definitely love these two together pretty hard. Now if boyfriend can continue to shower on the regular and maybe move out of his mom’s basement (I’m totally kidding; I have no idea if he lives in her basement—he could very well have a cozy little abode in her attic or something), then there’s definitely some progress we’re going to see in action, and isn’t that fun?

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