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Jason Segel Loves Michelle Williams So Much That He Had Stickers Made Saying So

photo of jason segel pictures photos pics
Now isn’t that cute—or creepy! I just can’t tell which one, friends.

The above photo captures Jason Segel arriving at his home in Burbank after filming a segment on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

But here are the facts:

—Jason Segel is a thirty-two year-old man who made “I love u” stickers and has them ON HIS PHONE
—Even though we just Jason Segel around these parts, I’m not going to lie—this is kind of f-cking creepy
—Jason Segel just does not look OK in that picture; I’m sorry, but it’s true

Here’s an up-close of the photo sticker that Jason has on his phone:

photo of jason segel michelle williams photos
…Strange, right?

But now, here are the presumptions:

—Jason Segel probably didn’t take the photos and affix them to the back of his iPhone intentionally. I’m sure that Michelle took the photos of herself in a photo booth, printed them out, and gave them to Jason. Jason only felt it was right to lay the sticker on the back of his phone, because he’s sweet, and he loves her, and it’s a cute thing to do even if you’re thirty-two years old.
—Michelle Williams is as infatuated with Jason Segel as he is with her, and there’s probably nothing that either one of these guys could do to sabotage their love, so we should be happy and gleeful and not-at-all snarky about all of this, OK?

The couple is the latest in “Couples We F-cking Love,” and Us Magazine reports that the two are “much more serious” than anyone’s really letting on:

“I’m surprised it didn’t happen before now!” one source explains to Us. The My Week With Marilyn actress, 31, and 5 Year Engagement actor, 32, have known each other “for years” through Williams’ BFF Busy Philipps, Segel’s costar on Freaks and Geeks, the source explains. (The cult TV show aired from 1999 to 2000.) Williams is also close with fellow Freaks star Linda Cardellini, who once dated Segel.

Adds a second source: “They’re much more serious than everybody thinks . . . They’re really happy!”

Well, that’s good. It’s nice to know that both of them are just as crazy-stalkerish as the other, because that generally works out very well. There’s not a lot of room for jealousy or suspicion in those kinds of relationships, because both parties are completely honed in on what’s going on with the other person, right down to their ovulation schedule or poop-time. That’s sweet for both of these guys, too, because Michelle is a living doll and Jason? Well. He’s just the most darling man on the face of the earth to be walking around with this kind of devotion stuck to the back of his phone, you know?

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