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You Guys, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are in Love!

A photo of Michelle Williams and Jason Segel

Doesn’t this just fill your heart with so much happiness? Don’t you just smile your face off at the thought of this lovely couple? Admittedly, I spend a lot of time perusing celebrity gossip, and I’m also definitely one of those people who can’t help but smile when I see an old couple holding hands in the grocery store or a some lady loving on her baby or, uh, a dog or something, so I’m probably more likely to spend time squeeing over this whole thing than many people. But still, you have to find some sort of joy in this, right?

If so, then you’re in luck! Us Weekly‘s cover story is about the new love between Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, and Celebitchy was awesome enough to break the story down into convenient points:

*On March 25, Michelle and Jason Segel had an early dinner in the Brooklyn restaurant Rucola. “Jason had his arm around her,” said a source. Four friends joined them for the meal, and Jason paid the check.

*A source close to Jason says that “romantically, this kind of happened overnight!”

*After Heath died, Michelle said she “felt like a walking open wound.” A source close to Ledger says, “She was caught up in a big tornado and she had a lot to recover from.”

*Michelle really likes Jason. A source close to Michelle says, “Jason is supersweet. He makes Michelle laugh and feel good about herself.” And Jason is good with Matilda too.

*Michelle is already telling friends that she “loves” Jason.

*Busy Phillips set them up. Busy talked up Jason to Michelle, then she set up a dinner between the three of them, and Busy left “conspicuously early.” After Busy left, Michelle and Jason sat there for hours drinking, talking and laughing.

*When Jason was in New York in March, he stayed with Michelle in her Brooklyn brownstone.

*Source: “Michelle doesn’t do flings. Every person she gets involved with is someone she can entertain the possibility of spending the rest of her life with.”

*Russell Brand once referred to Jason Segel (who apparently was/is a two-pack-a-day chain smoker) as “a falcon among gulls when it comes to womanizing.”

*Michelle finds Jason charming, romantic, funny and kind. Jason reportedly has “curbed” his bad habits – “He has made an effort to clean up his act… he’s been trying to be more of a grownup lately. He is taking care of himself more, exercising, eating right and dressing better. Basically, not acting like a frat boy anymore.”

*Jason thinks Michelle is “classy.” He was worried about introducing her to his friends because he doesn’t want anything to go wrong.

*She dated Spike Jonze from summer 2008 to late 2009. A source says, “When she met Spike, she was alone, sad and crying often.”

*At some point, Michelle seriously considering marrying a platonic friend – “They didn’t really have strong feelings for each other…it was so Matilda could have more stability and a father.”

*After that, Michelle began dating “a–holes who didn’t treat her right,” says an insider. One of those “a–holes,” according to the source, was Cary Fukunaga. They broke up, according to this pro-Michelle source, because Cary “didn’t want to step up and be a stepfather to Matilda. He was just looking for an unserious situation.”

*Michelle also hooked up with a cinematographer in Michigan (while she was working on Oz: The Great and Powerful) last year.

Well, I’m going to be smiling my face off for the rest of the evening. About the parts where Michelle and Jason love each other and are so good for each other, not about the parts where Michelle was sad and having troubles with romance. What about you?

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  • She considered marrying someone she had no feelings for so her kid could “have a father”? I’m sorry but that is just pathetic.

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