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But Zac Efron, How Are You with Bras?

A photo of Zac Efron

Do you even have to answer? Zac Efron has a penis, and if you’ve ever heard anything about anyone who has a penis, you know that half the time they don’t even know what a bra is! Am I right, ladies? You know what I’m talking about! We’ve all had a guy with his hands all over our back, pulling and yanking and twisting and doing things that make you wonder if they’ve actually ever seen a bra and how it works. And another thing!

Oh wait. It looks like Zac Efron is, once again, a special snowflake among men. The rules don’t apply to him, and, as such, he can get your bra off with just one smooth move:

Dang, Zac! Did that one smooth move also involve you pinching panties off, or is my imagination running wild again?

Ok, you guys, I’ll take a moment to be real with you, but only because it’s early and I feel vulnerable: sometimes I have trouble getting my own bra off. I’ve never been in a situation where I had to finagle some other girl’s bra off, thank goodness, but I’ve had plenty of trouble on the home front. I think it’s because I’m not entirely sure what size I am, so I have bras in three or four different sizes, and I’m in that area where some of them have two hooks, some have three, and some have four. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten into bed, realized that I left my bra on, and took several minutes reaching around behind myself and fumbling before I give up and make my boyfriend do it. He so lovingly refers to my bras as my “titty holsters,” and he knows the constant battle I wage with them.

But enough about me: what do you guys think about this? Did Zac Efron get any dreamier for you? Did you learn any bra removal tips? Are you ever going to be able to watch High School Musical the same way again? Do any of you actually watch High School Musical to begin with?

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  • uhm, i have never been attracted to zac efron, or seen high school musical, but damn… the way he said “pinch and slide”? oh my.

  • I have never found bras to be that difficult, but I’m gay, so when I help a girl out of her bra, I am *literally* helping a girl out of her bra. Without sexual tension and kissing and passion, fine motor skills are much easier. That said, Zac Efron’s skill at doing that is really charming. I’m less attracted to him now than I was a couple of years ago, but no sensible person would say “no” to him, of course.

    Emily, your confession was tremendously endearing. Getting your own bra off is tricky for a lot of women. Which is why, I suppose, boyfriends and gay friends are there to help out.

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