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Quotables: Bruce Jenner Just Confirmed Kim and Kanye’s Relationship

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“I’m not that excited, but we’ll see. Kimberly and I have had a conversation about them and their potential relationship.”

Bruce Jenner, at last night‘s public appearance at Northeastern University in Boston. When asked about Kim and Kanye dating, because really, why else would anyone invite Bruce Jenner to talk to a crowd anywhere—oh, right, he’s a motivational speaker—unless it happened to revolve around Kim Kardashian and her pompous ass (and by “pompous ass,” I mean her actual backside that’s really quite pompous and intrusive; I’m not talking about Kanye this time, though he is, by very definition, a pompous ass).

When asked to elaborate on his feelings, Bruce claimed that he was merely worried that Kim might be rushing into things and not exactly looking down the road for possible fallout.

If you remember, Kim claimed that she’s, in no way, shape, or form, ready to hop back up on the dating horse just yet. But I’m thinking there’s an addendum to that which we’re just not hearing; something maybe along the lines of “unless said horse has got a really big penis and is marginally more famous than the last dude she boned three times in a row.”

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