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Love It or Leave It: What the Hell, Lindsay Lohan?

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Does anyone happen to have an explanation of this for me handy? Because I seem to have run smack out of reasons that Lindsay Lohan would ever—ever!—appear in public looking like … well, this. This is just a nightmare all around. Normally when we run ‘Love It or Leave It’ posts, we feature the celebrity ensemble and we kind of round-about ask you guys whether or not you love it or you want to leave it somewhere (preferably as it’s on fire in a ditch somewhere), and then we move onto the day’s Big News surrounding that particular celebrity. In this case, guys? No. Not so much. No, all I’m concerned about in this here particular post is what the f-ck Lindsay is wearing, because if it’s some kind of joke, it’s definitely not funny.

I’m going to turn it around on you guys, now—sound off in the comments and tell me what you think is going through this girl’s crazy-old, circus freak, flapjack-tittied head, alright?

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