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Love It or Leave It: Lindsay Lohan’s Trying Really Hard, Guys

photo of lindsay lohan red hair pictures 2012 pic photo
REALLY hard. But I just can’t get behind it, and I want to hate myself for being so harsh on Lindsay because she’s trying to hard, but people … it’s Lindsay Lohan. I don’t think I’ve taken her seriously since, like, 2009 or maybe even earlier.

This is what she wore to some jewelry show that she went to earlier this week, and while the outfit is presentable enough, and it isn’t showing yards of cleavage or track marks, it’s the face. The face is silly and awful and tweaked out. I suppose that we should be thankful she looks as “good” as she does, considering she’s kind of turned out to be the poster kid for ‘Faces of Meth‘, just with better access to makeup artists, but still. I just can’t get past the fact that she used to look like this:

photo of gross lindsay lohan pics

Oh! And this:
photo of lindsay lohan gross

And these:
photo of lindsay lohan dirty teeth pics

And of course, this!:
photo of michael lohan pictures photos
Oops. No, I don’t mean that. But it’s close enough. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all, and honestly? I just can’t try to love Lindsay anymore, guys. I can’t. Not after all this, no matter how many halfway decent outfits she pulls off – or thankfully doesn’t.

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  • AAGH!! Not expecting that terrifying, slimy, repugnant Michael Lohan to hit me in the face this early!!
    *Queasy. Falls off chair.*