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Kris Humphries’ Sister is Quite the Looker, Eh?

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I know that we know Kris Humphries‘ sister, Kaela, is pretty hot, but I wasn’t really sure we knew just how how she actually is. Kaela’s up for her minute in the spotlight, and she’s been sequestered by The Limited to be the face of their new plus-sized line, Eloquii. From People:

Just one month after landing a modeling contract with FORD Models’ FORD +, Kaela Humphries is starring in her first campaign, for The Limited’s new plus-size line, eloquii.

“It’s been really great,” Humphries tells PEOPLE. “The line is really fashion forward, the clothes fit and they look amazing. It’s been a really good experience.”

Humphries, older sis to Kris, had dabbled in modeling before last month, but only got serious about the industry recently. “I wasn’t ever like, ‘I’m going to be a model,’” she recalls. “I was a medical sales rep until last month.”

But four years ago, she was “discovered” by an agency rep in her home state of Minnesota, and “did little things here and there,” she says, before getting picked up by Wilhelmina models and ultimately appearing in spreads for Nordstrom and Kohl’s.

After a few years, Wilhelmina released her, so Humphries met with FORD + “to gauge if I had what it takes,” she explains.

So, good for her, right? Kaela’s completely gorgeous, and she probably hates Kim Kardashian for everything that the bitch did to her sweet, good-hearted, large-packaged brother, Kris Humphries. That’s a lady I can get behind right there, folks. Check out the photos from her new line at The Limited in the gallery.

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