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Before They Were Famous: Brad Pitt

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Isn’t he just darling? Other than that whole cheating-on-Jennifer-Aniston thing, I’d go ahead and say that Brad Pitt can probably do no wrong, you know?

This is a photo of Brad Pitt on a team called the ‘Rejects’, and it was taken during his middle school years in Cherokee, Missouri. It was one of Brad’s first initiatives after he was turned down for a spot on the real middle school basketball team, and after forming the team with several other “rejects,” he asked his dad to coach them. One of Brad’s peers came forward to talk about Brad’s gusto in turning a disappointment into a triumph:

“We were the Cherokee Rejects. We didn’t make the final cut for the eighth grade basketball team, so the five of us just decided to be the Cherokee Rejects. It was Brad’s idea and he got his dad Bill to be our coach at the time. Brad came up with the name – Cherokee Rejects. I don’t think we really cared to much about losing out on the school team, we just thought it was funny. … The team wore a special kit with the word ‘Rejects’ emblazoned on the front of it. … His dad coached us and we used to practice at one of the churches his family used to go to and play our games at the local Boy’s Club. We even got a trophy, but sadly I can’t remember what it was for.”

Cute story, right? Definitely beats the hell out of talking about Angelina Jolie’s cold, dead, marble leg, doesn’t it?

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