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Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Makes More Questionable Decisions

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The fashion, guys, the fashion. I didn’t mean that she was caught in some seedy bar sucking face with an unknown so hard that she needed to get new teeth. That was a few years ago, in case you forgot.

No, this is what LeAnn wore to the Academy of Country Music Awards, and I’m not sure if I should give her a chamois to sponge off or hand her a tennis racket. The fashion is bad, bad, bad, and no amount of Stella McCartney love is going to redeem that dress. None.

In other LeAnn news, sources are saying that LeAnn’s got a fetus growing somewhere in her mid-section (I say “somewhere,” because though I realize LeAnn probably has a womb somewhere, I’m thinking it’s not exactly in her body like most women’s are; it’s probably in a dusty drawer labeled ‘fat clothes’):

Just this week, speculation as to whether or not LeAnn Rimes was expecting a baby kicked into high gear thanks no doubt to the one-two media punch of hubby Eddie Cibrian’s artful and seemingly unnecessary dodging of a direct pregnancy question posed to him by a reporter, and the fact that it’s been a lifetime (at the very least, a week, which only seems like a lifetime) since LeAnn has dared to bare her bikini bod.

So, does she have something to hide? Like, say, a baby bump?

Time will tell. At the very least, LeAnn certainly has been wearing more clothing lately, both when locking lips with her lady friends and, more recently, when making her way through LAX’s security screening.

The country cutie and her hubby were both selected for the backscatter before taking off, and paparazzi, as they are wont to do, inevitably caught the duo making their way through the additional security measures (with any would-be baby bump—and if one exists, it’s miniscule—annoyingly blocked from view.

So, wait. I’m confused. What, exactly, made people think she’s got a bun in the oven? Because she’s wearing more clothes? Hate to say, anything can be considered “more clothes” when you’ve been photographed wearing nothing but skimpy string bikinis for three months. A damn scarf can be considered “more clothes,” you feel me? No, I just don’t believe that LeAnn’s pregnant. And I don’t believe it for two reasons: one, Eddie just wouldn’t be having that. Hell no. Two, if Eddie were OK with something other than his eensie-weensie wang occupying her body (say, like, a baby), you would have known about it via Twitter upon conception. That’s just how LeAnn rolls, guys.

But that dress, right? Ugh!

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  • The shoes are heinous with that, or maybe just full stop. But mostly it’s that HAIR. WTF, it’s not the 90s anymore, so sorry that was your hey-day dear but that fluffed up bun bit and the gelled (?) sideys (as we call them in Scotland) is a poor excuse for a hairstyle. Yuck.

  • What made people(ie-ENews and HuffPost) think that Leann had a bun in the oven? Leann Rimes. The “Does Leann have a bun in the oven” article was damage control.

    ENews(at the request of Leann Rimes) posted the story along with the “There is nothing going on between Eddie and Lizzy and Eddie isn’t cheating on me because he holds my hand as we walk through LAX” staged photo-op about Leann being pregnant just days after Leann and Eddie were receiving backlash for their druken balcony orgy while on vacation with the boys. In other words, someone thought they could deflect from the “Leann is making out with Lizzy while Eddie takes pleasure in it” stories by bombarding the media with stories about how Leann is pregnant. It didn’t work and so Leann then had HuffPost write the same story. That didn’t work, hence why Eddie showed up on the red carpet once again trying to fuel rumors by putting his hand on Leann’s belly. One of Leann’s fans slammed Leann and Eddie for doing this and criticized her and Eddie for trying to stir the pot. You know that Leann is upset because instead of talking about how she might be pregnant because Eddie put his hand on her belly, the media is talking about how horrible she looked at the ACM. Poor Leann. She tries so hard to be sexy and it always backfires. Why doesn’t she just lay low?

  • But Leann is saying that it doesn’t matter what people think about her dress because Eddie liked her dress, you know the same Eddie who liked it when Leann was making out with Lizzy so much so that he was right in the midst of it taking photos. The same Eddie who stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience any type of public media and yet allows Leann to tweet, blog, post photos of his kids on twitter, invite the paps to the kid’s soccer games, and set up staged photo-ops with People magazine to control what they are printing about her and Eddie, said that he liked Leann’s dress?

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