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Leann Rimes Caught On Film Kissing Married Co-Star


Leann Rimes and her Lifetime movie co-star Eddie Cibrian seemed to hit it off right from the start.  The Northern Lights director, Mike Robe, said, “From the moment we rehearsed, LeAnn and Eddie honestly developed a really strong bond and a warm relationship.”  Apparently, a really warm relationship.

On March 7th, Rimes and Cibrian, both married to other people, were caught on security video kissing at Mosun and Club M in Laguna Beach.  Like, kissing at their table.  Also, on March 14th, they spent three hours in a room at the Malibu Beach Inn.  Obviously, these people have no idea how to have an affair.  Don’t they know that it’s all about heavy petting at the cemetery in your car?  Le sigh.

Anyway, no word on what the spouses think, but the pics I found of Leann at Lady GaGa’s concert on March 13th, all show her with no husband and her wedding ring hand shoved in her pocket.  We all know what hidden hands mean:  secret engagement, secret split or “I like to fondle myself.”

What is it about these fucking Lifetime movie sets?  Do they just slip roofies into every beverage available at the crafts service table?  This is the work of Tori Spelling, I tell you.  She was married and filming one of those horrible Lifetime movies when she met and fell in love with her otherwise betrothed co-star too.

From now on, when Hollywood marriages break up in lieu of on-set hook-ups, I’m saying, “Oh, that marriage so got Toried.”

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  • I need proof to know that this is true! Not my precious Leann Rimes! Her and her husband are so cute!

    Where’s this video, I wonder?

  • Once, a long, long time ago a friend and I spent all day (hungover) watching lifetime movies. That really super awesome one with Tori in it (where she plays an escort or something like that to get through college?) was on. After that we dubbed her Whorey Tori. This was a good ten years ago, and I still cannot call her anything but.

  • Have you ever seen the episode of Cribs with LeAnn Rimes? Her husband is totally gay. In the bedroom there was this really awkward moment where she says something to the effect of “this is where the magic happens… sometimes.” Not sure if that’s exactly what was said but it was totally awkward and indicated that they NEVER get it on. They just have no chemistry. Trying to find a clip on YouTube but it’s of their old house. There is a new episode with their newer house and the hubby is totally flaming.

    • I heard he was gay too. Wonder why she “married” him if that’s the case? If she’s sleeping with her co-star she isn’t gay herself so what’s up with the flamer hubby? Famous people are so weird.

  • Marrying that young… and not really dating much… I am not surprise that she may have chosen to move on. And with a down right pretty man.

    I am just kind of surprise that US magazine thought it was worth splashing it all over their cover.

    • Ohhh… and is that her husband in that picture with her in that sweater set???? Geez if it is he looks completely different than when they got married! And it is not positive change.

    • the sweater set guy pictured above is not her husband.. the guy she married is a “trophy wife.” why she needed one of those before she hit 25 i will never know… however, eddie is one fine piece of culo.

  • what kind of “straight” man wears a powder blue sweater set – besides that awful simon from the real housewives of ny? and can i just say that both simon and leann’s hubby make my gaydar go insane?

      • LOL! have you ever read simon’s blog on the bravo site? OMG it is the bitchiest thing i have ever read…even worse than my high school diaries!

  • It’s a friggin novel!! The women write 2 page blogs his are like 10! And what’s up with those color coordinated clothes? Are those like Garanimals for gay people?

  • “on security video kissing at Mosun and Club M in Laguna Beach. Like, kissing at their table. Also, on March 14th, they spent three hours in a room at the Malibu Beach Inn. ”

    wow. Super professional of Mosun/Club M to release security video footage. Note to stars: never, ever, ever go there. Apparently, same with Malibu Beach Inn. sheesh. So much for privacy