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Blind Items: Hunger Games Edition!

I haven’t seen Hunger Games yet. There, I said it. I’m planning on going later today, but as of now, I have not seen it. I’ve tried to stay away from reviews so I don’t have any real ideas before I see it for myself, but so far, all I’ve heard is “awesome.” I really, really can’t wait.

But wait! To celebrate the success of the movie, I have a blind item for you to solve! It’s pretty lengthy, so I’ll put most of it after the jump, but I’ll tell you that the item is a story told by one of the actresses in the movie who has quite a bit of information. She talks about all the wild drinking that went down on the set in the woods of North Carolina, her sexual relationship with her costar with the famous stoner girlfriend, and how there was “one pregnancy for sure during filming.” It’s a lot of information, but it’s not so hard to figure out most of it.  Ready?

From Crazy Days and Nights:

I have been saving this one for a few months in anticipation of this week and when everyone bis ready to see the movie. Over 2,000 screenings are already sold out and the reviews are great. But what happened while the movie was being made? Someone in the cast who was shooting almost everyday filled me in on every detail. They are also one of the stars of the blind. I am going to let her tell it in her words with just a little editing by me to add the identifiers.

“From the first time all of us were together, it was pretty amazing. I think we were all excited to be part of a movie that was going to be a big hit. This was not just any movie. We all knew we won the f**king lottery by being cast in the movie and it was not about the craft or anything else, it was about us making it as actors and actresses and having the opportunity to be known.

From day one, I knew this now B+ actor, but relatively unknown actor wanted me. I wanted him. Problem? We both had other people in our lives. So, after a few days of flirting on the set a million miles from our partners, we decided f**k it and we f**ked. Like crazy. Like rabbits. Everywhere. We needed to get it out of our system and we did. Then the next thing you know he is dumping his celebrity girlfriend and telling me he wanted to be with me and then I kind of woke up and realized I loved my boyfriend. It took a looong time before he would speak to me again, but he did manage to get back together with his celebrity girlfriend and she visited once. Idiot.

There is another male lead, but honestly, there are no sparks and it is only because we became good friends and that he is such a good actor that you see any sparks with him on screen too. For as many young people as there were there were not a lot of drugs around. Tons of boozing, underage and otherwise, but it was mainly the “grownups” as we called them that were treating the woods of North Carolina like their very own hot box. One of the grownups is so damn sexy that I almost forgot my vow to be faithful to my boyfriend after my slip. Oh, I did slip one other time, but it was just making out. I think that guy was gay anyway.

So, this sexy hot grownup. Smoked pot everyday and the sexiest body I have ever seen. Seriously. He might be older, but when he speaks and moves, people look. Total pot head though. The only person I saw keep up with him was the girlfriend who visited the actor I had sex with and this other B++ list now movie actor but got started in televison. The thing is about our sexy actor/celebrity is that he kind of likes them young. Not young like one of the other former B+ list actors likes them young. That guy does not care how old you are but you better look 15 or he is not going to be interested. He gave everyone the creeps and he was always showing up in strange places. He was married too and he told people he had married his mistress after cheating on his wife with her. Creep. He was way into this about to be a B+ lister who is way under age. I don’t know if they ever did anything because she kept to herself and thought she was better than all of us. She thought she was mature so she might have thought it was cool to have sex with guy 20 years older than her, but I don’t know for sure. They did spend a lot of time together in their trailers and his hotel room.

Going back to the sexy actor, at first he was hitting on this B list actress from television and movies and one very hit network show and we all thought they made a great couple. Turns out though she was interested in him, but he turned her down. He ended up having sex with this production assistant who was 18 and got the job because her dad owned some buildings we used for filming. He was always very nice to her, but she was in love with him and everyone was jealous of her.

There was one actor who I mentioned above who was a pothead. He was basically treating this movie as his personal playground. It did not matter if you were gay or straight or old or young, he was going to hit on you and if you were up for it he was going to have sex with you The guy must have had sex with two different people each day and is married so it was kind of disgusting. He was probably the biggest star that everyone wanted to meet when he was on set and he knew it. I also heard he took photos of a lot of the girls he had sex with. He never tried to hit on me, but he did hit on this girl he thought was 20 because of how she looks but was really 12. I also have never seen anyone so stoned act that well. He was very good.

What else? One pregnancy for sure during filming. Multiple breakups and getting back together. Always funny when a girlfriend or boyfriend would visit and everyone would pretend that the other party had been totally faithful. No one was faithful except this one older actor who is so good. He was about to get married and he was such a good actor and behaved himself. He was about the only one. It was like people had never been away from home before. I hope this was what you were looking for.

The narrator is obviously Jennifer Lawrence, the actor she had the fling with is Liam Hemsworth, and his girlfriend, natch, is Miley Cyrus. The other male lead, of course, is Josh Hutcherson. The sexy, older pothead is … Lenny Kravitz? I’m not sure, to be honest, I got stuck on the bit with Liam.

But this is scandalous as hell, right? The thing is, I don’t know if I can really believe it. Usually I have quite a bit of faith in these blind items, but this one is just so much and so obvious that it seems a little shady to me. Anybody else? Or do you guys have additional guesses?

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  • When reading this, I thought the narrator was the girl who played Glimmer? She has on screen romance… But I agree with it being too much.. maybe the whole thing is fake.

  • how you kidding me? how can you forget woody harrelson? half of his schtick is to legalize pot, he uses hemp all the time, and has referred to the females in his family as the “goddess trilogy.” that said, this is way too in depth and ridiculous sounding for it to convince me that these are actually whomever’s “own words.”

  • No way Jennifer wrote that. It was Glimmer, Josh was the guy she hooked up w, Kravitz the stoner and Harrelson the creep. Tucci the guy who was good.

  • it can’t be leven rambin. it says they have a guy back home. Rambin is dating Alexander Ludwig who plays Cato so he would be there with her shooting. so even if leven did want to cheat her boyfriend was there filming the whole time with her and would be unable to. it has to be lawrence

      • “a million miles from our partners” what does that mean to you? They’re back home c’mon now before you correct me know what you’re saying

  • The narrator is not Jennifer Lawrence, if you watch any of her interviews she seems really down to earth and realistic, not a promiscuous minx who then go and blab all about the penetration. Jennifer is also really serious about acting, read any article and it will quote her saying that she was hesitant to take on the role because of the heavy Twilight esque mobs that the film is going to generate. If anything this sounds like Leven Rambin, on the verge of achieving super fame but this movie may not be just the push that she needs, or lock her face into memory for the next couple of months. She has the most to gain, Jennifer only loses in this situation at this point in her fame. All in all this sounds totally fabricated, too expository, spiteful, etc. I believe the potheads but not the massive underage alcohol fueled orgys.

  • The best part about reading all of these comments is that you all assume you can predict a person’s behavior based on character traits you “see” expressed in interviews, other movies, gossip blogs, etc. You are boiling them down to one-dimensional people who can be only this OR that when in reality we can all be this AND that or NEITHER. My favorite example is when Megan Fox made up falling in love with a Russian stripper so GQ could have a good story to write. Maybe one of the cast-members did say all of this and maybe they were lying about all of it. Maybe they are all behind it. It might be funny to them. They are laughing because we are so obsessed with their possible sexual encounters or infidelity.

  • I am pretty sure that Leven was still engaged to some director when they were filming – my money is on her as the narrator. Ontop of that Jennifer, Josh & Liam keep saying how they are great friends in interviews. It doesn’t seem to fit with Jen & Liam hooking up, since it says that it took “him” a long time to talk to her again.

    But its entirely possible that its exaggerated too ;)

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