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Wait, Is Miley Engaged Now?

photo of miley engaged ring pics engagement photo
Because this. This would be too easy of an out to have daddy Billy Ray justifying his daughter’s unwed sexcapades. “Well they’s engaged, y’all!” BILLY RAY. SHUT UP. WE DO NOT CARE.

But this is a photo of Miley’s all-important ring hand, and golly gee, what’s that there on her ring finger? Yeah, it’s a ring, but Miley’s claiming the photo is because of nail foundation:

“I am soooo obsessed with @jennahipp nail foundations! It looks so chic and classic!”

In short, do I believe that Miley‘s engaged? Nah. Nah way, actually. Getting engaged would be the biggest news story of the decade in her mind, and she’s not going to spoil it for all of the ‘big’ magazines that want to run the exclusive story and pay the big bucks for photos of her rock. I know that Miley thinks Liam’s “the one” – oh, what, you didn’t hear? Check it out, right from Hollywood Life, who claim they have an exclusive source with knowledge that Miley’s hinting around at getting hitched and popping out babies:

“It couldn’t be better between the both of them. They are figuring out where to spend the holidays together, but it will be together and they are madly in love and inseparable. [Miley] thinks Liam is the one.”

Oh Lord. Can you just smell the desperation? It has a bouquet quite like wet flannel, hay, that smell you get when you take your retainer out, and cigarettes.

Plus, this ring? Honestly, I just don’t know. It’s really, really shitty-looking, guys. Liam could do so, so much better (as I’ve been telling him, but his publicist is starting to throw words like ‘stalking’ and ‘lawsuit’ around, so I might have to lay low for a little while now).

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  • Do you remember those gumball machines back when you were a kid? Remember how not all of them dispensed candy, but sometimes they’d have that really crappy jewelry? That’s what that ring looks like. Just like it. She probably picked that up at a Forever 21 or Claire’s.

    • Yea…the “setting” is bent – it looks like that cheap bendy metal that isn’t really metal but all that jewelry was made of it. So attention starved…poor Liam. Only a matter of time.

      • I was thinking the same thing. She seems like a stage 4 clinger. Liam’s popularity is going to quickly eclipse hers (I mean, all the penis cakes in the world cannot compare to this box office weekend) and she’s going to become all insecure and naggy.

        I don’t like to speculate on the demise of relationships, but considering their age and his rising star status and her…well, lack thereof, it doesn’t look good for poor ol’ Hannah Montana.

  • That nail “foundation” looks ridiculous. It looks like she’s having problems with liver function or something…