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Apparently Being a Musician Runs in the Willis Family, Huh?

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Did you guys know that Scout here is in a band thing? Yeah. Its name is Gus + Scout, and they mostly do covers, from what I can see. These photos were taken of Scout (and, of course, Gus) last night at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan. I like this girl, you know. Actually, I like all of the Willis girls. They’re all pretty awesome in their own ways. See, Scout here is awesome because she’s got a decent singing voice. Remember the clip she filmed with Ashton back in the day? This?

Also, she’s got that filthy Twitter account. And even if it’s not her, it’s still pretty bad-ass that someone cares enough about her to want to drag her name through the mud with Tweets like “Once my mom dragged me to Cartier when i was hungover so she could get ring cleaned, I threw up all over bathroom…take that #newhighnewlow”. That’s classic right there, folks, and someone awesome like Scout Willis can only pull it off.

Rumer’s just as cool in her I-don’t-give-two-f-cks way, and even though lots of people think she’s completely fug because of her “man-jaw,” I think she’s actually smoking hot and pretty damn fierce, too.

Tallulah’s got a ways to go, but she’s still young, guys. The height of her doings lately has been cigarette-smoking and tattoo-getting, but there’s still so much promise there, and I greatly look forward to what girl’s going to do in the coming years. Especially with all that white wine she drinks.

No, I’ve got a good feeling about these girls – Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah. They’re going to be pretty big in the coming days, and I’m saying right now that these are three chicks we’re going to want to watch – closely.

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