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15 Year Old Tallulah Belle Willis Gets Trashed at Scout’s Birthday Party

Tallulah Belle Willis, Trashed and Hitting on an Older Man at Scout Willis' 18th Birthday Party

At a rowdy 18 year old’s birthday party, you might expect the restaurant or the ladies bathroom to get trashed, but not the birthday girl’s 15 year old sister.

The Moore – Kutcher – Willis clan got together this past Friday night to celebrate Scout Willis’ 18th birthday with a 20’s flapper-style bash at L.A. restaurant Cicada. Guests included Dita Von Teese, Marisa Tomei, and Rumer Willis, doing her best to let everyone know exactly what kind of underwear she was wearing.

But the real star of the night was the youngest Willis girl, Tallulah Belle, who spent the night smoking, drinking, and hitting on older men. She reportedly ended the night by stumbling out of the restaurant with a pack of cigarettes and a pack of her friends, who attempted to keep her upright on her walk of shame to a waiting vehicle. Step dad of the year, Ashton Kutcher, looked none to happy about it either.

Now, to be honest, the drink the paps have circled in the above picture looks like nothing more than ice water– which may be damning enough evidence in itself, since no one drinks ice water at a party unless they’ve already gone overboard with the alcohol. If you’re going strictly non-alcoholic, you’ll have either soda, or juice, or a Redbull in your glass.

She’s also shoeless– another likely sign of inebriation– and in the pictures of her leaving the restaurant, she is quite clearly carrying a pack of cigarettes.

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  • As someone who was occasionally given a VERY limited amount of booze as a kid (I’m talking one glass of Reuniti on Christmas Eve or a medicine cup full of beer) I’ve always thought that this quenching of my curiosity at an early age led to fairly mundane college years with no drinking beer through funnels or missing class due to hangovers.

    However, something’s gone awry in this case.

  • They had fo chocolate cigs……………

    Seriously. lame don’t judge unless you know the fucking truth.

  • FYI: I was at a bar on Friday night where everyone was drinking. I decided to take a night off and not have any alcohol. I drank bottled water all night. If they had no bottled, it would have been ice water. So sometimes people who are stone cold sober do probably drink ice water at a party.

    In this case, obviously, Tallulah was no doubt getting tipsy at her big sister’s birthday party, where her mother and father and all family members were in attendance and could keep an eye on her. Am I the only person who thinks as long as this isn’t going on more than once or twice a year at a special occasion, it’s maybe not such a huge sin? I just think back to my childhood and I drank once or twice a year at age 15, and it didn’t ruin me. I’m not suggesting it’s a good idea, but it happens and people turn out okay.

  • Barefoot is no big deal. Most 15 year olds end up barefoot at dress up parties-they are not yet used to the daily torture we inflict upon ourselves with our heels.
    The glass is innocuous-should she be drinking from a paper cup? And if she did imbibe, she certainly would not be the first teen to partake. or the last.

    • Yeah — I also was thinking the shoe thing is not so damning. I went to a bar for a friend’s birthday party a couple months ago, and I totally took my shoes off. The bar was kind of a hike, and I’d been on my feet all day, and I figured, hey, if someone complains, I’ll put them right back on. Is that gross? Is that weird? Sure! Did I care? Not a whit.

  • I am not condoning underage drinking…. but in my very bias observation…

    I love how preachy people get about teenagers drinking as if they never did it them self.

    Oh please. And no, you where not more mature then… than the teenagers now.

    Face it most teenagers are going to drink… and they are sexually active way before they have the maturity for the consequences of it. Be it at 15 or 19 chances are your darling baby will do it.

    I can not recall any non drinkers in college… I know I drank… so I try to skip the whole, holy than thou act, about teenagers doing it now. Even 15 year olds at the older sisters party where the parents are present to drive her home.

    But I do like Rumers dress… and I thank god that she made it a point to wear her undergarments under the see through dress.

    Which I doubt Lohan would have made the effort had she had the same dress on. :)

  • If you really think that teenagers don’t all drink before they’re legal, you’re living in dreamland.

  • Fifteen year olds will get trashed and barf. It’s part of the deal, better to do it at your sister’s 18th with plenty of helpful people around to hold your hair. Underage drinking happens, overage drinking happens. Teaching your kids to respect alcohol is only going to happen if you let them have a drink and see what happens. Then you make them bacon and eggs in the morning and pat them on the head and say “See what I mean?”.

    • Totally.

      And also – cigarettes??? NOOOOO!! A fifteen year old smoking (or in this case, not even smoking) cigarettes?? I would never have believed it. Whatever next?

      FFS Kelly, come down off your ridiculously high horse.

  • Who cares? If her parents were ok with it, I’m not going to condemn her. She probably woke up the next morning with a hangover and remembered all the embarrassing things she’d done the previous night — excellent learning experience. I’m just pleased that Kelly did not call her a “slut”, like that C**T Perez (aka Barbara) did. Oh, and on the shoes thing: I’m 26 and a couple of weeks ago I went to a party and took off my heels halfway through because they were killing me. Surprise, surprise no-one cared.

  • Maybe Demi was too busy watching her 4th child Ashton and Bruce was too busy changing his new wife’s diaper to look after their 15 year old daughter.

  • I think it’s great for teenagers to get wasted when they’re young, because then they learn what the fuck happens if you drink too much. I’m 16, and I went partying with my 17-year-old cousin last night. She ended up so wasted that she has been throwing up since she woke up today, and now it’s 10pm. Great lesson. She will not get wasted again. That’s for sure.

    • sounds like alcohol poisoning if you’re seriously throwing up all day ’til 10pm. : /

      aaaaand she will get wasted again. that is for sure.

  • Dear god, please don’t tell me that child is going to look like an uglier version of Rumor. For heaven’s sake, the parents are so genetically blessed that it’s a damned shame their kids came out so Halloween-mask scary.

  • I’m pretty sure there were several occasions when I was 14 or 15, puking in the bathroom at family events.

  • Why exactly do you think that Dita looks creepy? Is it because she’s not orange?
    Shame on her for keeping her skin nice and natural, why she should be conforming to the tan obsession!

    • that is NOT natural. she probably puts something on her skin to keep it white because the whole pale skin thing is her trademark. its not because she isnt orange that people are saying she looks scary.. its that skin is supposed to have some sort of color, and there isnt any.. at all.

      • Well actually if you keep out of the sun your skin will generally be pale, I have a couple of friends who are just as pale as her and they don’t put anything on their skin to keep it that way.
        Plus she’s not that even that pale, it’s the camera flash.

  • Also I’m just genuinely confused about this post, is it that odd in america for 15 year olds to drink?
    Most people I know started drinking when they were 14, and I know I was definitely drinking when I was 15 but then New Zealand apparently has a drinking culture haha.

  • What bothered me more than the drinking (because, as many comments have already read, many of us have lived in glass houses on this one) was “celebrities” using an eighteen-year-old’s birthday party as a photo op. Unless Dita von Teese and Marisa Tomei are very close friends of the family (er … families), why in the world were they there? If they were there for the sole purpose of getting their picture taken, that’s kind of shameful. However, to give them the benefit of the doubt, imagine how awkward it must have been for them to be part of this conglomeration ranging from drunk fifteen-year-olds to friends of the (pretty much ignored) birthday girl to the celebrity parents? Just … odd.

  • Ok guys give Kelly a break. Just because we all indulged in underage drinking doesn’t exactly mean it was right. Plus you are reading a GOSSIP site and this would be considered GOSSIP. If you heard this shit about the fifteen year old down the street getting trashed off her ass at her eighteen year old sisters birthday party, you would laugh your ass off at her stupidity.

  • One of the Willis kids got kicked out of Interlochen Arts Academy. I’ve heard it was drugs…

    I guess I don’t know anything.

  • Wow. I’m really shocked by how okay all of you are with a 15 year old getting smashed. I never got wasted until I was 18, and I never got drunk around my parents until I was legally old enough (21) to drink in front of them. Up till then, I had the occasional glass of champagne at a relative’s wedding, but nothing like this.

    I guess my parent’s were weird, crazy, unber-conservative psychopaths who didn’t think it was okay to feed alcohol to a kid who’d just barely begun monthly vaginal bleeding.

  • Thank god no one was taking candid pictures of me at 15 after parties. I was getting WASTED from the age of 14. Though now being 18 I dont drink at all, it doesn’t interest me in the slightest. So maybe I got it out of my system.

  • Who gives a damn? She looks okay 2 me. Not staggering beligerent drunk. Besides, she can do what ever in the hell she wants to anywayz. I’m gonna try and get her pregnant. Then see what y’all think about that! j/k.

  • Shame on this kid. I really dreamed about being Bruce Willis’ daughter. She’s really really really lucky to have parents like hers. If I were her, I wouldn’t waste a single second to be daddy’s baby. What a waste. :(