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  • so, if she’s really so ballsy and just one of the guys, why has she seemed so incredibly milquetoast over all these years?

  • I never really trust women who say they don’t get on with other girls. Like, they’ve single-handedly decided that half the population of this planet is boring, as if we were all the same.

    • Generally, women who say stuff like that think they’re super awesome and super hot, and therefore assume other women are jealous of them and/or don’t like them based on that alone. Saying “I’ve never really gotten along with girls” is just another way to say “Girls are always so jealous of me so they never want to be friends”.

      • she said she never “identified” with girls. and referenced a movie. i would agree that growing up i generally didnt identify with the hollywood adolescent girl. i have plenty of girlfriends, but i didnt act like a lot of girls in film. she is pictured around women all the time.

  • Jeeze, I wanted to punch her in the face the whole time I was reading that. I have a feeling she ‘never identified with girls’ because girls just never wanted to be around her because she’s so prententious and annoying.

  • i love her. i always have. i like that she is quiet and keeps her shit on the dl. it has never seemed to faze her that she has that kind of reputation. she just does what she wants without shoving our face in it. she is one of those people that show how clearly you can not win in hollywood. youre either a party girl or “boring”.